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Prince of Persia Retro leaps onto iPhone and iPad

Pocket money universal app

Product: Prince of Persia Retro / Classic | Developer: Ubisoft | Publisher: Ubisoft | Genre: Platform
For: iPhone   Also on: Android, Mobile
Prince of Persia Retro / Classic iPhone, thumbnail 1
Just in time to celebrate the blockbuster movie and new console game, Ubisoft has re-released the title that started it all, Jordan Mechner's 1989 Apple II classic Prince of Persia, on iPhone and iPad in Prince of Persia Retro.

The game has a 60 minute time limit as the wicked villain Vizier gives the Sultan's daughter a tougher ultimatum than Deal or No Deal: either marry the evil dude, or be killed in an hour. Hanging about in the lowest reaches of the palace, you've got to bypass enemies and traps on your way up to save the damsel in distress.

It uses a set of virtual buttons to control the game, and features Facebook connectivity so you can automatically share your progress on your wall. If you really, really must.

It doesn't use the Apple II's ancient graphics, but it also doesn't use the spiffy 3D remake visuals from Gameloft's Xbox Live Arcade port. Instead, it hangs out somewhere in-between, with Super NES like 16bit graphics.

Strangely enough, it's a universal app meaning it'll run on both your iPhone and your brand new iPad, out today. And, perhaps even more strangely, it's a bare bottom priced buck, or 59p. So what's stopping you?

Prince of Persia classic is out now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for 59p / 99c / 79c.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 28 May 2010
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Anonymous | 20:45 - 30 May 2010
Christopher, you can sneak by pressing the center of the screen and then moving. The "generic control" is tapping the screen, and works for fighting, drinking, picking up and sneaking, as far as I have checked. Enjoy!

Ruben, with some personal iPod reviews at http://www.mostlymaths.net/search/label/iPod
Anonymous | 20:43 - 30 May 2010
Already bought it. At 0.79€ it is a must, although I was never a big fan of it in the PC. I was more of an Another World fan, another really hard platformer. Enjoy your fight with the Visir!

Ruben, with some personal iPod reviews at http://www.mostlymaths.net/search/label/iPod
Anonymous | 13:16 - 28 May 2010
Is it just me or is there no control for sneaking in this version of the game?
no sneaking means the game is unplayable due to its vital part of the original gameplay.

no information about sneaking in the game settings, control information and my dude just runs whenever I touch the directional buttons.

If there is no sneaking then this game is broken and should be avoided until fixed, no matter how cheap it is.