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Upcoming iOS puzzling RPG Pocket Titans will be available for iPad and iPhone on October 17th
by Harry Slater 8/10/2013
Product: Pocket Titans
Developer: Kumotion
Publisher: Kumotion
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Puzzle
Kumotion has confirmed that its slidey fantasy puzzle battler Pocket Titans will be going live on the App Store on October 17th.

The game is a mixture of strategy battler and puzzler. In it, you slide your heroes around a grid in order to smack bad guys in the chops with a variety of different weapons and spells.

There are eight different fantasy archetypes from which to choose, including the rifle-toting Hunter, the god-armoured Paladin, and the arcane tome-wielding Warlock.

In Pocket Titans, you'll fight 30 different enemies, duke it out with five massive bosses, upgrade your weapons, and improve your armour.

There's also a multiplayer mode here, in which you can have it out with real-world friends and mortal enemies to see whose heroes are the most heroic. Or something like that.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, mark October 17th in your diary now. We'll let you know how much Pocket Titans is going to cost as soon as we find out.

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