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Pocket Gamer iPhone and iPad gaming podcast: Episode 227 - Xbox One, KOTOR, Molyneux teams up with Mobage
by James Gilmour 24/5/2013
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This week, Keith welcomes me back into the Pocket Gamer podcast booth with his trademark snorty laugh and quiet contempt.

Apparently, that Peter bloke who hosted last week's show meant nothing to him, and he was thinking of me the whole time. I choose to believe Keith, though I'm not entirely sure why.

To celebrate our reunion, we dissect Microsoft's Xbox One press event and the firm's disappointing lack of mobile crossover info.

The (Next) Generation Game

We also spill the beans on a potential iOS version of BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic and Peter Molyneux's partnership with massive social platform Mobage.

Next, we kick off the New Releases rundown with zombie runner Dead Ahead, closely followed by thoughtful puzzler Quell Memento and the star-studded Poker Night 2 (among others).

Finally, I explain why Star Command doesn't quite hit warp 9, while Keith splashes digital paint around in ustwo's difficult-to-pronounce puzzler Blip Blup.


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