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Pocket Gamer iPhone and iPad gaming podcast: Episode 220 - Exiles, The Other Brothers, Badland, tales of GDC
by James Gilmour 5/4/2013
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Format: iPhone, iPad
Following an extended leave of absence, intrepid international mobile gaming reporters Jon and Keith join me in the podcast booth for a special post-GDC round-up.

Despite the pair of them being jetlagged and infected with exotic diseases (if you count a San Francisco cold as exotic), they manage to recount a laundry list of upcoming mobile games impressive enough to make your iPhone explode with glee.

There's also talk of LucasArts's closure, Crescent Moon's upcoming sci-fi RPG Exiles, and the return of Battle Dungeon.

The world of tomorrow

We kick off the New Releases with a pair of highly anticipated indie titles: pixel-art platformer The Other Brothers and eerie auto-flier Badland.

Card-battling tag teamĀ Tekken Card Tournament and Injustice: Gods Among Us also get a mention, along with high-speed RPG Slayin and gun porn gallery shooter Overkill 2.

Finally, I stack crates in box puzzler Robo5, and Keith fails to play Space Invaders on a plane.


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