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Pocket Gamer iPhone and iPad gaming podcast: Episode 201 - The Walking Dead finale, Call of Duty Elite update, zombie pigs in Minecraft
by James Gilmour 16/11/2012
Product: Pocket Gamer Podcast
Manufacturer: Steel Media
Format: iPhone, iPad
Peter and James take the podcast in a bold new direction this week by ignoring games altogether and talking about Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey instead.

Once they remember what it is they do for a living, the conversation turns to Call of Duty: Black Ops II and the updated Call of Duty Elite app, the impending release of The Walking Dead: The Game season finale, and the inclusion of zombie pigs in Minecraft - Pocket Edition.

There's some flashback-inducing retro content among the New Releases, including madcap pixel-art music game Arranger, the Streets of Rage-esque Beatdown!, and the Micro Machines-inspired Cubed Rally Redline.

James then proceeds to gush over the joys of intergalactic gardening in Waking Mars, and Peter explains how he was tricked into playing side-scrolling car flinger Extreme Road Trip 2.

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