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Pixel People gets daily Utopium timers, freebie notifications, and much more in latest update
by Anthony Usher 2/5/2013
Product: Pixel People
Developer: LambdaMu Games
Publisher: Chillingo
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Simulation
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Developer LambdaMu has updated its free-to-play pixel-art build-'em-up Pixel People for the sixth time since it hit the App Store back in January.

It's a big one. LambdaMu has added several new features, tweaked a couple of pre-existing features, and introduced a bunch of obligatory bug fixes.

After downloading this update, every tree in your newly created clone world will display a daily Utopium collection status that resets every night at the stroke of midnight.

Furthermore, you can now reserve residential slots for clones returning from hotels, and reserve animals for specific missions so they aren't accidentally assigned to other tasks.

More, more, more

Other additions include notifications that alert you every time you're able to claim some freebies from Utopia Corp; Utopium rewards from the game's many 'Surprises'; and several brand-new achievements to unlock.

Heart-related events now give better conversion rates, too, while building refresh timers have been adjusted so that you don't have to tap on your device's screen as much.

Land expansion costs have also been rounded off.

Even more, more, more

There are plenty - and we do mean plenty - of other tweaks, changes, and additions, too. You'll need to check out Pixel People's App Store page for those, though.

Don't forget to check out our complete Pixel People guide to the game, too.

You can download Pixel People for free.
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