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PG Bronze Award winner Pipe Swipe rerouted to iPhone
by Jon Mundy 26/7/2012
Product: Pipe Swipe
Developer: Chippy BM Games
Publisher: Chippy BM Games
Format: iPhone
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
The Android platform doesn't have many platform exclusives to call its own, but Pipe Swipe - a rather impressive puzzler - was one of them. We say 'was' because it's just rocked up on iPhone.

As Harry noted in his review of Pipe Swipe last September, the pipe-switching puzzler has been quietly plugging (or should that be piping?) away in the background for years, from the original Pipe Mania onwards, while flashier puzzle sub-genres show off at the top of the charts.

Pipe Swipe doesn't really come close to threatening the status quo - it's far too low key for that - but it is highly playable and it won't cost you a penny (unless you choose to unlock the full version for 69p).

In Pipe Swipe, you're tasked with redirecting coloured paint to the appropriate exit point by sliding pieces of pipe around and rotating them. We thought it possessed a good challenge and contained some competent level design, which makes it worth a punt in our books.

30,000 downloads on the highly competitive Google Play Store are not to sniffed at, so why not check it out on your iPhone now?
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