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Phantom Chaser ultimate beginner’s guide

Become a Phan-tastic chaser
Product: Phantom Chaser | Developer: Floppygames Inc | Publisher: Floppygames Inc | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
Phantom Chaser is an addictive new RPG where you’ll discover over 130 Phantoms—mythical creatures from all parts of the world. Collect and train these beasts to create the ultimate fighting team. You’ll be able to take your Phantoms along on quests and into the battlefield, however you’ll need to work hard to train your Phantoms and make them strong enough to face any challenge. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Master the Mimic system

Players will start the game with six Phantoms on their team. The first three are part of the Battle Team, while the latter three are part of a special Mimic Team. You can use these Mimic members to possess your Phantoms, who will then get a stat boost and can use the Mimic’s individual skills. Use mimics to add more variety to even entry level Phantoms and customize your team.

Study up on Phantom types

There are three different types of Phantom, each tailored to a specific role in battle. Here’s a breakdown:

Strength: These Phantoms have high HP and defense, making them great tanks or frontline melee units.

Dexterity: Dexterity Phantoms dole out huge amounts of damage, but are a bit squishier than Strength Phantoms thanks to their relatively low HP.

This type actually has two sub-types. Intelligence support Phantoms have buff and HP recovery abilities. Damage Phantoms deal lots of damage just like your traditional Black Mage in other fantasy RPGs.

Understand the cycle of attributes

Different Phantom types have advantages and disadvantages over others. The order of attributes goes accordingly: Strength ? Dexterity ? Intelligence ? Strength -->

This means that a Strength type will do more damage to a Dexterity type, while a Dexterity type might struggle a bit more facing off against a Strength Phantom. Understanding this balance is key to your success in battle, so make sure you memorize it.

Craft your own Phantoms

You’ll collect Phantoms throughout all parts of the game, but perhaps you want to take matters into your own hands. As you collect crafting materials by competing in the Battlefield, you can actually create your own Phantoms quite easily. Remember this the next time you’re seeking out new team members.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Phantoms

Your Phantoms will naturally progress through the levels until they hit the cap at level 100, but there is still a bit of effort required on your part. Every 20 levels, you’ll need to upgrade your Phantom, otherwise your Phantom will stay capped at their current level. To do an upgrade, you’ll need an Upgrade Stone and a Dimensional Crystal. The number you need depends on your Phantom’s level. Save up these items because you’re going to need them.

Learn how to beat the level cap

You can level your Phantoms past 100 if you use the Transcend system. You’ll need a spare Phantom that’s the same as the one you’re trying to level up to initiate the Transcend process. If you’re extra Phantom is a 3-star character, it’ll increase your level cap by 10 levels. If you use a 4-star Phantom, you’ll get 20 extra levels past the level 100 cap.

Evolve your Phantoms for even greater power

When your Phantom hits level 200, it’s important to evolve them using the required materials. After evolving, your Phantom will start over at level one, but at a five-star rating. Your Phantom will even get a new and improved look.

Store up the most useful items in the game

You’ll collect many items on your adventures, but it’s well worth learning which ones are the most useful. Here’s a handy list of the most important items you’ll come across in Phantom Chaser. You can find all of these in the game’s Story, Battlefield, or Arena modes:

Upgrade Stone: stone necessary for completing the Upgrade ritual.

Spirit of Evolution: required item for Phantom evolution.
Doll of Void: material required for crafting Puppet of Void.
Spirit Core: material for crafting Puppet of Void and Spirit of Evolution.
Memory of Phantom: valuable material used for crafting new Phantoms.
Dimensional Crystal: additional item necessary for the Upgrade process.
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Pocket Gamer staff  25 November 2017
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