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Paradise Bay help and tips - a beginners' guide to relaxation

Paradise bae
Product: Paradise Bay | Publisher: Z2Live - A King Studio | Format: iPhone, iPad
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Released on iOS last week, Paradise Bay is the latest game from Candy Crush Saga developer King. It's an island management sim in which you have to juggle different materials, ingredients, crops, buildings, and… turtles?

"But Pocket Gamer", I hear you say, "How do I improve my efficiency in the aforementioned resort building time sink game for the popular Apple iPad device?"

Well, dear reader. Scroll down, for I have the perfect beginners' guide for you.

Money money money

Paradise Bay

First of all, keep an eye on your currencies.

Coins buy new buildings and island facilities such as crop fields, used to grow your delicious vegetables.

They're also also exchanged to expand your land, which you should do as quickly as possible to give you more space in which to roam free. Look at you, roaming free, like the free roamer you are. Run along you little scamp.

Gems, meanwhile, are the purchasable money-thing used to speed up construction of, well, anything – and everything, since crafting stuff in this game takes bloody ages.

They're also used to magically create items out of thin air when you need them. 

They're useful, then, but you'll also need to buy more if you run out so be careful. Don't go throwing them around like some sort of big money madman.

Keep it tight

Paradise Bay

The best way to save gems, and therefore real world money, is to not spend any.

It sounds simple, but if you're not in a rush, and you have plenty of resources, you shouldn't need to spend those shiny little cash capsules at all.

So play the game in short bursts, wait for whatever it is you're trying to make to be made by the magic cat (yes, there is a magic cat, get over it), and then come back and play a bit more. Or don't, it's up to you.

It's also very satisfying to come back to a full field of crops to harvest.


Paradise Bay

To ensure you don't run out of resources, make sure you've always got one of everything in reserve. That way you can grow more of whatever it is you want more of: to grow more berries, plant a berry. Duh.

Another good way to maximise resources is to keep your fields full at all times. As soon as a crop is cooked, replace it with another. You'll be bursting with pineapples soon, mark my words.

On a similar note, make sure your utilities – such as the woodshop and tiki bar – are all at max capacity.

However do bear in mind that if you assign a workstation more than one task, those tasks will stack, and won't progress simultaneously.

New swipe

Paradise Bay

You should also try to position all your fields and amenities close to each other. There's no real gameplay advantage to this, just it'll save you lots of annoying and unnecessary swiping. Lovely.

My last piece of advice is to simply take a swipe back and look at Paradise Bay in all its glory. It's a beautiful game, and in all the juggling of wood planks and cotton, that can be forgotten.

Reviewer photo
Oscar Dayus 18 August 2015
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