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[Update] You get to die all over again in Papa Sangre II
by Wesley Copeland 21/10/2013
Product: Papa Sangre II
Developer: Somethin' Else
Publisher: Playground Publishing
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Music/ Rhythm, Simulation
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Updated on October 21st, at 16:06: Developer Somethin' Else tells Pocket Gamer that audio-only horror game Papa Sangre II will hit the App Store on October 31st. Sounds like the perfect game for Halloween.

You are dead. Sorry about that.

In the vast majority of video games, the main objective is to stay alive. So, you have to get from point 'A' to point 'B' without dying to progress further.

That's just how it is.

So, when a game developer like Somethin' Else comes along and tells you that you're already dead, it's hard not to be taken aback.

Guess what? The London-based studio responsible for the infamous "video game with no video" Papa Sangre is at it again with the defeatist tones.

Papa Sangre II is a truly immersive horror experience, told only through sound. It'll start with your death, and, hopefully, end with your escape from the land of the dead.

Papa Sangre II will feature an all-new world to explore (including Papa Sangre's Museum of Memories), 18 levels, and a simple-to use-interface.

All the while, you'll be legging it from monsters, avoiding pitfalls, and shooting ducks.

Guiding you through the darkness that is the afterlife will be someone who knows a lot about dying repeatedly. Yep, it's Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean.

Somethin' Else hasn't confirmed a release date for Papa Sangre II on iOS yet. However, there's an image on the official website in which the studio states "This Halloween, You Are Dead". This would suggest the end of October is a shoo-in.
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