Out There
Get out there
By Harry Slater 27 February 2014
Game Name: Out There | Developer: Mi-Clos Studio | Publisher: Mi-Clos Studio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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It's strange how much weight a single tap can carry. My hull has already taken a good chunk of damage, and I've used up my reserves of iron, meaning I'll have to find some more before I can patch up my beaten vessel.

But there's a strange alien city in front of me, floating dead in the blackness of space. I can choose to leave it alone, scuttle along in search of a metallic ore-rich planet to mine for the element that might save my life.

Or I could go in, pilot my little ship through one of the giant gateways that were once thronged with alien freighters, and find the secrets that lurk within. Those secrets might be the end of me, but they might be new technologies that will make my ship stronger and safer.
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A vast, lonely game about space and time and death, Out There is by turns funny, exciting, and fresh
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