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Nitro Chimp Grand Prix review - More like Super Monkey Kart

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

Actually, it's not very super

Product: Nitro Chimp Grand Prix | Publisher:  | Format: iPhone | Genre: Racing | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Nitro Chimp Grand Prix takes the three lane autorunning of Subway Surfers and combines it with the racing battles of Mario Kart.

On paper, that sounds like an excellent idea. The driving taken care of so you can focus on dodging stuff and throwing big bombs at your opponent's smug faces.

And perhaps it would have been, if Nitro Chimp Grand Prix was more competent. But it never quite stops feeling like a bit of an unfinished mess.


If you've played an endless runner before, you'll have a good idea of how this handles. You move automatically and swipe to change between one of three lanes.

It takes its cues from Mario Kart, so you can also swipe to perform tricks in the air and tap an icon to use the latest power up you've picked up.

But so much of the systems just don't work. It's nearly impossible to tell which lane you're in, so you'll regularly miss pick ups or smash headfirst into a barrier you were trying to avoid.

And this problem also applies when using or avoiding power ups. Most of the weapons fire directly in front or behind you, and as you're never really sure where anyone is, you end up resorting to trial and error.

Not in the mode

Nitro Chimp is made up of a bunch of worlds full of levels. Complete every level in a world and you'll face the boss. Beat them to move onto the next world.

It's pretty standard stuff. There's even stars to collect by completing a checklist of tasks in each level. As you progress, you'll unlock new modes to play, from standard races, to time trials, to battle modes. You can grab three stars for each mode.

Then there's new bikes, characters, upgrades, and costumes to unlock. You can easily afford upgrades and bikes by racing, but you'll have to drop some real cash or do some serious grinding to afford costumes as well.

The costumes are great though, and I could easily see myself grinding to unlock a few of them for my favourite character.

Stuck in the mud

It's such a shame that Nitro Chimp Grand Prix just can't get itself out of gear. There's a lot to love here like the gorgeous visuals, fun characters, and the variety of cosmetics.

But the racing itself is just a complete mess, and you rarely feel in control. It's difficult to tell which lane you're in, you'll occasionally slow down for no reason, and you'll fluff tricks that you've performed countless times.

It might have helped if the camera was directly behind your character, or the road itself had clear markings for each lane. But really, this could have done with a bit more time in the oven.
Nitro Chimp Grand Prix review - More like Super Monkey Kart
Reviewer photo
Glen Fox | 10 August 2017
Nitro Chimp Grand Prix is a promising idea that's a bit of a mess in practice. Could do with a little more time in the oven
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