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Rumour: Nintendo opening the Wii U up to smartphone app developers
by Matthew Diener 6/5/2013
Product: Nintendo news
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: iPhone, iPad
Nintendo's been pretty cagey about entering into the world of smartphone games and apps - but there are signs and rumours that this might be changing.

Sort of.

After opening up its Miiverse social network to smartphone and tablet traffic, it appears that Nintendo is looking to lure mobile game developers into releasing games for its struggling Wii U.

ZDNet reports (via The Japan Times) that Nintendo is in the process of modifying its game consoles so customers can use "smartphone applications" on them.

Plumbing the depths

If the rumour is true, this isn't the direction that many expected Nintendo to move in terms of the mobile game integration.

With a host of older titles available, many anticipated Nintendo to release ports of them for the then-emerging iOS and Android markets. But when Nintendo unveiled the eShop for the 3DS in the summer of 2011, those older titles found a new home in the Nintendo ecosystem.

Still, the Wii U has been struggling since its launch and opening up its hardware to mobile developers would be a great way to pad the somewhat economical selection of games currently available for the embattled console.

We'll follow this rumour closely and will report any updates to it when we have them.
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