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New releases round-up - Ridiculous Fishing, Slamjet Stadium, Le Vamp, and more
by Mark Brown 14/3/2013
Product: New releases round-up
Publisher: Steel Media
Format: iPhone, iPad
In true weekly tradition, let us stream some new iOS games directly into your eyes, through the magic of embedded YouTube videos.

As ever, we're going to show off these games - and other noteworthy new iOS releases of the week - in nifty video form. It's like lots of little pictures shown in very quick succession. Amazing.

This time we've got comical angling sim Ridiculous Fishing, Rovio's caveman collectathon The Croods, and a little hacking game called PWN.

Thoughts, feelings, an unnatural desire to tell us that you're the "FIRST!" commenter on the article? The box is down there, bro.

Here are the App Store links for the games featured in the video round-up this week:
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