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New releases round-up - Year Walk, Major Magnet, Gun Bros 2, and more
by Mark Brown 21/2/2013
Product: New releases round-up
Publisher: Steel Media
Format: iPhone, iPad
We're trying something new at Pocket Gamer this week. I know. I know. We say that every week. But do try and keep up.

So. We're going to show off the week's most noteworthy new iOS releases in nifty video form. Moving pictures! Narration! It's a brave new world.

This time around, we'll be showing off games like Simogo's dark-and-twisted adventure Year Walk, high-velocity platformer Major Magnet, and a nifty cellular puzzler called Cyto.

We're also after your feedback. Are the video clips too long? Too short? Want to see more games? Or fewer?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and on YouTube.

Here are the App Store links for the games featured in the video round-up this week:
Lightning Round: Nano War, Usagi (not out yet), Grudger, Turbolab Pursuit
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