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Nescaline NES emulator for iPhone makes it onto App Store, gets shot down

Apple goes old school, though not for long

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Product: Nescaline | Developer: Jonathan Zdziarski | Genre: Arcade, Casual, Collection, Retro
For: iPhone
Nescaline iPhone, thumbnail 1
Seriously, Apple? Of all the rejections the App Store makes, it never fails to surprise me what does still manage to leak through that strict and authoritarian system.

This morning we awake to find a fully functional NES emulator smiling back at us from the App Store. Nescaline comes packaged with five homebrew NES games, but more importantly it features a download system allowing you add games to your library from any remote URL.

Nescaline does boast some pretty decent functions, such as touchscreen controls for the old Zapper games, a built in save system allowing you to save at any point in any game, landscape and portrait modes and frame skipping options when the emulation struggles a bit.

The developer states that the Nescaline emulator itself, "does not contain any intellectual property or copyrighted material owned by Nintendo of America or its affiliates", though I still think that'll be a hard sell with Nintendo's legal department.

Indeed, in the time it's taken to write this news item, it seems Nescaline has been pulled from the App Store. Not a massive surprise, but it was an entertaining few minutes while it lasted.

Anyone manage to grab it?

Reviewer photo
Spanner Spencer 22 December 2009
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Anonymous | 17:28 - 23 December 2009
Probably an issue. But, hey, it works. Not much else you can do.
Anonymous | 06:02 - 23 December 2009
Well, the .nes file will load, but it allows access to the file on the public folder by giving it a new name - something like 777567 with no .nes or any other suffix. Anyone know how to make it available on Mobile Me with the file name in the url?
Anonymous | 00:58 - 23 December 2009
Oh, and one more thing...is webs.com 100% free? some websites I have tried are only free for a certain period, but then they charge you. Is it anything like that?
Anonymous | 00:51 - 23 December 2009
Does anyone know how to do this through Mobile Me???
Anonymous | 21:45 - 22 December 2009
shaaady: When you log into your account, there will be a list of your websites. Click edit on the one you want. Then under a tab, there is "uploader tools". The free accounts can use the single file uploader or the Super Multi Uploader. Pick one and upload your roms. Then go to nescaline on you idevice. Hit the "+" symbol at the top. Then enter your website url. After your website url, put /name of the nes ROM.nes. If you do it like that, it should work.
Anonymous | 20:39 - 22 December 2009
i cant seem to upload files to my website i created one throught webs.com but i cant upload them n they are .nes already
Anonymous | 20:06 - 22 December 2009
can u post up some urls for the rest of us
Dec 2008
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klouud | 13:49 - 22 December 2009
Meh... get the same thing from Cydia for cheaper. Its also easier to SSH the ROMs onto the phone instead of using some weird URL.