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Family-friendly adventure My Little Hero scampering onto the App Store tomorrow
by Will Wilson 2/5/2012
Product: My Little Hero (a.k.a. My Little Hero HD)
Developer: Acne Play
Publisher: NCsoft
Format: iPhone
Genre: Action, Adventure
NCSoft's attractive-looking My Little Hero has landed on the New Zealand App Store, meaning it'll be adventuring out into the UK and US from midnight tonight.

My Little Hero puts you in charge of a small boy dressed up in a homemade cardboard helmet and sword, who explores various locations in the real world while battling evil monsters from beyond.

This takes the form of an action-hack 'n' slash, with the protagonist controlled via a virtual joystick and buttons.

There are 31 hidden collectibles to find scattered around each of the four worlds, as well as puzzles to solve and upgrades for your "armour" to purchase (in game. Don't panic).

The graphics look rather good, too, if the screenshots in the gallery are anything to go by.

My Little Hero will be out tomorrow on iPhone for the introductory price of 69 / 99c.

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