Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is out for iPad and iPhone right now, but only in Japan
By Harry Slater 08 May 2014
Game Name: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G | Publisher: Capcom | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, RPG
Hello. Do you live in Japan? If you don't this story isn't really for you. In fact you're probably going to get quite annoyed about it and write angry tweets to Capcom.

Maybe even post on its Facebook wall, whatever that is.

That's because Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has just hit the App Store. But not all of the App Store. Just the bit of the App Store that exists in Japan. So unless you've got a Japanese iTunes account, you can't get it.

The game is essentially a polished up version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP. There's a lock-on camera, MFi controller support for iPhone and iPad, and apparently some quite nice mountains.

We've reached out to Capcom to see if the game will ever get a worldwide release. I wouldn't hold your breath though, you'll probably pass out.

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