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Monkey Boxing

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

Simian slapfest

Product: Monkey Boxing | Developer: Drakkar Dev | Publisher: Crescent Moon Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: Fighting, Sports | Players: 1-2 | Networking: on one device | Version: Europe | App version: 1.0
Monkey Boxing iPhone, thumbnail 1
Monkeys might not seem like the brightest or most sensible creatures around, but they did venture into space before mankind did, remember.

And if this pugilistic iPhone game is to be believed, monkeys are just as capable and adept at 'human' sports, too.

In Drakkar Dev's Monkey Boxing, primate is pitted against primate in an attempt to establish the ultimate king (kong) of the ring. You can take your rookie ape, then, and transform it into a lean, mean fighting machine.

Come out fighting

The controls are simple: you have one button for punch and another for blocking. Tapping punch several times in quick succession unleashes a combo, while holding block will repel incoming blows or - if timed correctly - deflect the punch and leave your foe open to a counter-attack.

To spice things up a little, Drakkar Dev throws in a few additional elements. If you land sufficient blows on your rival, you unlock a special attack. You can execute this special move by tapping a series of randomised on-screen buttons. These attacks also come with added bonuses, such as restored health or increased strength.

For those moments when the contest is too close to call, special events occur. These involve your spinning a wheel as quickly as possible to ensure you come out of the fight with the upper hand.

Outside of the Monkey Boxing ring, you can alter the appearance of your fighter through a wide selection of shorts, gloves, hats, and face furniture. Despite this level of customisation, there's no real need to tinker with the look of your character, aside from giving it a wacky look perhaps.

Pulling no punches

You're also able to bolster your fighter's abilities by taking part in mini-games that improve your strength, endurance, and speed.

You'll need all three to stay ahead of the opposition, though, in truth, Monkey Boxing's glass jaw is its difficulty. The game quickly becomes repetitive, you see, and your opponents rarely provide a stern challenge.

Monkey Boxing's two-player mode - which takes place on a single device, with participants holding either end of the touchscreen - offers more entertainment, thanks to the fact that a pair of skilful players can enjoy some surprisingly tense matches.

Monkey Boxing is ultimately a little too shallow, however. Because you only control your punches and your blocks, there's little scope for tactical manoeuvring. We don't usually mind a spot of monkey business here at Pocket Gamer, but this particular simian just hasn't got the legs to be a contender.
Monkey Boxing
Reviewer photo
Damien McFerran | 23 April 2013
Despite extensive character customisation options and an intuitive control system, Monkey Boxing lacks the depth to truly go the distance
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