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Modern Combat Versus iOS and Android tips and tricks - How to kill and not be killed

The best defence is a good guide
Product: Modern Combat Versus | Developer: Gameloft | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Modern Combat Versus iPhone, thumbnail 1
Modern Combat Versus is the latest in Gameloft's shooter franchise that aims to do Call of Duty on mobile. This time around, there's no solo shenanigans though. Gameloft knows what you want - to shoot your friends in the face until they fall over.

And boy does Versus deliver. This is a multiplayer shooter that would sit comfortably on console, with gorgeous visuals, slick gameplay, and oodles of depth. As a result, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone when you first pick up your gun.

That's where Pocket Gamer comes in. We've spent a bunch of time honing our skills so we can give you some tips and tricks to help you kill and not be killed. After all, that's the aim of the game isn't it?

Get to grips with the basics

You won't kill anyone if you don't have a basic understanding of the controls, so start by getting familiar. You move using a virtual joystick on the left, and adjust your crosshair with another on the right.

Push a little further forward on the joystick and you'll run, but this will lower your weapon so use it sparingly and never in combat situations. The only exception to this rule is when you want to leap over a barrier - you can only do that while running.

You can adjust all of the above in the settings. Prefer to fire with a virtual button? Fine! Use the setting that's most comfortable for you, and adjust the sensitivity settings if you're struggling to aim effectively.

Use your secondary ability

Once you're accustomed to the basics, you can start using more advanced techniques like your secondary ability. You can double tap the right hand side of the screen to use this at any point, and it differs per agent.

For most characters, this will be an iron sight or scope. For others it might be a grenade. Use these in the right circumstances, and they can be a right game changer.

If an enemy is a fair distance away, it will definitely help to pop up the iron sights, for example. This will give you more control over your bullet's spread, lending greater accuracy. If the enemies are bunched up, chuck in a grenade to disperse them.

Go for headshots

If you've played a first person shooter before, it should come as no surprise to you that headshots are important. They effectively double your damage here, and are surprisingly easy to pull off - particularly if you use a character with iron sights.

Simply double tap the right hand side of the screen and move your crosshair over the enemy's head. If the damage numbers turn yellow, you're doing it right. Keep doing that and the enemy will drop faster than you can say "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"

Learn to dance

Okay, don't actually dance - that won't end well for you. What we mean here is that you should try not to remain static. Sure, it will increase your accuracy, but you'll also become a target for enemy fire.

Try and strafe from right to left when firing if you can, as you'll become much more difficult to hit. This will help you stay alive much longer, which will help your immeasurably.

Also, if you find yourself taking a lot of damage, don't be ashamed to head for cover. You'll recover your health way faster than it'll take you to return to the battlefield after a respawn.

Reload manually

Finally, get in the habit of reloading manually but only when it's safe to do so. Finish off your enemy, glance around quickly to make sure there are no more around and then tap to reload quickly. It can seriously increase your chances of survival during the next battle.

It's also a good idea to head to safety while you reload. Most arenas have walls or obstacles dotted about quite generously, so quickly dash behind one when you're low on ammo to reload in safety. Then pop out and deal serious punishment to the poor hapless opposition.

Know your agent

Much like the last few Call of Dutys, Modern Combat Versus has a bunch of different characters to choose from. Each of these have different weapons, secondary, and special abilities, and they're each good in different situations.

For a complete list of all of the agents, their alt actions, and abilities, check out our other top guide here.

Choose the right agent for the job

Choosing the right agent for the task is, in most circumstances, more beneficial to just sticking to your favourite. For example, Kan is best equipped to defend the capture zone while Lock is best at taking out a bunch of enemies when you're on the offensive.

However, it might be best to whip out Mi-Nu if you die and need to get back into battle quickly. These are just a few examples, but most agents have a specific situation that they're most effective in - with some more niche than others - so learn them, and exploit them.

Play to your strengths

There is a slight caveat though - it just might happen that you're better at using a specific, or certain type, of agent. If so, don't be afraid to just stick to that one.

For example, I found that I was a more effective defender using Lock, because I like getting stuck in. It's very much a best defence is a good offense situation.

So mess around and figure out how you personally play best. Try all agents, experiment by switching them up during different circumstances, and note your successes. You might just find you're best playing one way and that's fine too.

Learn the strengths of your special ability

The special ability should hands down be the defining factor when selecting the agent to use, so pay attention to what it does.

Then, use it effectively liberally. Your energy will always recharge, and it does so faster when you play well so there is literally no reason not to use it - especially if you're in the heat of battle.

Lock's, for example, outlines all nearby enemies and increases your damage - improving your ability to go on the offensive. Kan, on the other hand, can pop up a shield that will protect him and his teammates. That's perfect when defending. Use it.

Preparation is key

Performing well in battle is important, but as is ensuring that you're appropriately prepared. That takes places outside of battle in the menu. Don't ignore this because it can make a huge difference.

Upgrade your favourite agent first

Once you've figured out how you like to play, start upgrading that specific agent. Unless you're happy spending a bunch of cash on IAPs, you're going to need to expend most of the resources you get specialising on one agent because they're in short supply.

Don't be afraid to head into the black market to grab more XP for your favourite character either. It's one of the fastest ways to level them up, and if you prefer that character anyway you might as well spend all of your resources on improving its stats.

Chase achievements

Achievements provide you with the vital resources you can spend on upgrading and improving your favourite agents, so it makes sense to try and accomplish them as often as possible.

Simply pop into the list and scroll around to see what you need to do then work towards achieving them. Most you can get by just playing the game, but others might encourage you to switch up your agent, or agent type, to get more rewards.

There's also a super simple achievement that rewards you with a whopping 50 gems just for linking your Facebook account. If you don't mind, it's well worth it.

Open all your free crates

Your free crates are located at the bottom right of the screen, and regularly provide you with agent XP and handy resources. Some of them simply pop up every few hours, but others require you to perform a certain number of battles.

You should aim to play at least six battles per day to max out your free rewards, limiting the need to purchase IAPs. Given that matches are over in a matter of minutes - and that they're insanely fun - this shouldn't be too difficult.

Finally, make sure you're always working towards unlocking crates you earn in battle. You never want to waste time leaving them unopened.

Reviewer photo
Glen Fox 28 September 2017
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