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Mines of Mars to provide a dark twist on co-op mining with alien threats and sinister secrets
by Chris Priestman 6/8/2013
Product: Mines of Mars
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Adventure
In our expeditions to Mars, we've never found any substantial evidence of life on the red planet, but apparently we just haven't been digging deep enough.

Though, perhaps it's best it stays that way...

Developers of the Silver Award winning Ravensword: Shadowlands, Crescent Moon Games have revealed their next ambitious title with a trailer and the first batch of information.

Mines of Mars is touted as a combination of Metroid and Motherlode, but from afar there's no questioning the influence of a game like Terraria too, albeit it comes with a darker, sci-fi twist. 

Primarily, Mines of Mars is a procedural atmospheric mining title, so every time you start a new game you'll have a new world to explore. Always good for replayability, that.

With pickaxe in hand, you'll be whistling while you work to dig through Martian soil, looking out for exotic flora and fauna as well as soaking in the ever-so-sinister atmosphere.

It's not all sweat and tears of the mining life, as there's a story-based adventure to partake in and discover what foul creatures truly lie underneath this otherwise gorgeous world under the surface.

Dark secrets, a variety of deadly weapons and tons of different items will ensure you're well equipped to deal with whatever menace you may find.

Even better, you'll be able to co-op it up and befoul the alien technology you find in your digging with a good friend. Nothing quite like kicking ass side-by-side with a mate!

Mines of Mars will be heading to iOS devices as well as the PC whenever it is finished. Hopefully the trailer will tide you over for now.
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