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Mikey Shorts gains 15 indie game-inspired disguises in latest update
by Anthony Usher 16/11/2012
Product: Mikey Shorts
Developer: BeaverTap Games
Publisher: BeaverTap Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Platform
BeaverTap Games has just added another new batch of collectible disguises to its Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning platformer Mikey Shorts.

In fact, the US-based developer has added 15 new costumes, all of which are based on popular iOS games from indie developers.

There's a disguise based on the recently released Punch Quest, for example, and two outfits inspired by Bronze Award-winning platformers League of Evil and Swordigo.

You can find a full list below.

If you've yet to grab Mikey Shorts from the App Store, now's the perfect time.

This 69p / 99c platformer contains more than 96 fast-paced levels - all of which house plenty of obstacles, hidden items, and wacky costumes.

Here's that list I mentioned, by the way:
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