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Double Fine's Middle Manager of Justice flies back onto the Canadian App Store
by Anthony Usher 4/12/2012
Product: Middle Manager of Justice
Developer: Double Fine
Publisher: Dracogen
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Strategy
Psychonauts developer Double Fine Productions has just released its first mobile game, Middle Manager of Justice, onto Apple's Canadian App Store.

In this free-to-play title, you take on the role of a Nick Fury-esque manager, who's in charge of whipping the Justice Corp's superhero avengers into shape.

Your job is to boost your team's crime-fighting abilities by adding new facilities to its headquarters, and upgrading the equipment that your superheroes use on a daily basis.

Naturally, this game is packed with the quirkiness and tongue-in-cheek humour that we've come to expect from Double Fine.

This isn't the first time Middle Manager of Justice has hit the App Store.

Double Fine released this title back in September, but it was filled with bugs and was quickly pulled by the Costume Quest developer.

Gamers that managed to download it before it was yanked were recruited by project lead Kee Chi to pinpoint bugs and suggest ways to make the freemium elements less restrictive for non-paying players.

Middle Manager of Justice will no doubt take up arms in the UK, US, and other App Stores around the world in the coming weeks and months.
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