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Unreal-powered MMO zombie shooter M.A.R.S. heading to iOS in the form of Mercenary Ops this month
by James Gilmour 21/11/2012
Product: Mercenary Ops
Developer: YingPei
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter
Unreal-powered third-person shooter Mercenary Ops is due to blast its way onto iOS before the end of November.

While this iOS mutant blaster - which is developed by YingPei Games (formerly known as Epic Games China, incidentally) - has been available in China for the past two months, it is the upcoming Facebook version of Mercenary Ops (itself derived from PC shooter M.A.R.S.) which has received the most coverage in the West.

With the iOS iteration of Mercenary Ops, though, YingPei Games hopes to optimise the third-person cover shooter experience for touchscreen devices with a streamlined "one finger" control system.

Using a single digit, you will guide International Coalition Forces Investigator Leo across an infected European city, and deal with the localised bio-crisis the only way you know how: with a massive bloody gun.

Though multiplayer options are not mentioned in the Mercenary Ops press release, we assume some of the social elements intrinsic to M.A.R.S. will make the journey across to iOS devices intact.

We do know that we can expect eight levels, three bosses, and two different game modes, mind. However, we'll have to wait until the month is out before we can sample Mercenary Ops's infected wares for ourselves.
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