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How to build big in Megapolis - hints, tips, and tricks

Make money, make friends, make more money
Product: True | Genre: True
True iPhone, thumbnail 1
I had a thoroughly good time playing and reviewing Megapolis, noting that it's a slightly deeper freemium builder than the usual fare.

Partly because of this added complexity, and partly because I love being in the Megapolis universe, I've headed back into Social Quantum's virtual world to uncover the secrets of a successful city.

Oh, and to document my findings on this page for you, fair reader.

So, read on for the inside track on becoming the best city builder you can.

Pace yourself

Pacing is important in Megapolis, for the game's creator has given you a fair amount of freedom to build in whatever direction you like. However, this can result in your wasting large amounts of resources.

Think about it logically: if you were actually managing the transformation of a town into a city, you wouldn't rush to build a massive bridge to attract potential residents to your area when all you've got to offer them is a bowling alley and a few residential buildings. It's pointless, and it's expensive.

Don't overstretch yourself, then. And make sure you keep dutifully plugging away at the tasks that fill up the list on the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll through them and see what's cheap and quick to finish, and get those elements into your town quickly.

You'll race through the XP levels with all the experience you'll gain, unlocking loads of buildings and facilities for when you do want to start sculpting your urban masterpiece.

Be resourceful

There are a load of resources to be aware of in Megapolis, but only a few of them should pique your interest.

Energy is an early barrier to building more facilities, so ensure you have plenty of renewables scattered about the land. Water isn't a major issue at all, so you can pretty much ignore this element. Population, meanwhile, limits how many buildings you can erect, but I wouldn't worry about this too much.

Money and Megabucks are the two resources that will be in shortest supply. By completing tasks and taxing your citizens, Money is replenished naturally throughout the game. The real dosh is made, though, through manufacturing, which can take up hours of real-world time.

How often you play will determine the product you make. Each product takes a different length of time to construct, and different lengths of time will result in different amounts of money earned. That wonga is useless, however, if you never get a chance to spend it.

Megabucks are the premium currency, and are, thus, very hard to come by. If there's one pro tip to which you really ought to pay attention, it's this: do not spend Megabucks on anything other than land expansions.

Take heed of all this advice and you'll be erecting things all over the place in no time, with constant "Congratulations" messages popping up. All of which you should share with your friends for extra rewards.

Actually, speaking about friends...


As in life, one of the best things in Megapolis is having friends. You get a nice bonus for adding friends via the icon on the bottom left of the screen. Your buddies' worth, though, is definitely more than fiscal. They're materially important, too, you see.

In the game, your friends are absolutely essential in your unlocking later content, for there are plenty of buildings and constructions - such as the Warehouse and the Bridge - that require enough money AND materials to build them.

You can purchase parts of buildings with Megabucks, but you'd be a chump to do that. The most cost-effective way of getting them is to Request them.

To do this, tap the gift box in the bottom left of the screen, tap 'Your Wishlist', and add the items you need. Alternatively, you can tap on the construction itself and press the 'Ask' button.

Don't forget to send gifts to your neighbours, too, for you don't want to look like a Selfish Simon.

You can also visit towns to expedite the acquisition of resources from Contracts. Though you can help individual people a limited number of times per day, the number of friends you can visit is limited only by how many mates you have. Again, you're rewarded for good deeds, so make sure to do this every day.

Got any tips to share? Let us and the rest of the PG community know them by leaving them in the comments section below.

Reviewer photo
Peter Willington 20 March 2013
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Aug 2014
Post count:
Cayden Kermit | 20:08 - 31 August 2014
Incredible! I finally received Unlimited Coins, Megabucks, Population for Free after searching for weeks. Link: tinyurl .com/kqf8uta (delete the space between tinyurl and .com for the link to work)
Jul 2014
Post count:
Dixie Kasielke | 03:24 - 24 July 2014
quick tip I learned the hard way today! DON'T upgrade your Passenger airplane (the 1st you can buy) to Four Engine Monoplane until you have completed the Airplane workshop (Top right at airport). You won't be able to complete any contracts until workshop is finished. What a cheat!!
Jun 2014
Post count:
Armin Bib | 16:01 - 8 June 2014
add me plz
game centre id : armin1989
Feb 2014
Post count:
James Megapolis | 07:14 - 15 February 2014
Hey! Have you tried the app from this page http://megapolis-assistant.com ? I ran into it accidentally, but it looks like it's not like the other scam neverending-survey websites. There is a direct download page and manual for everything.. The app really (like said in manual) plays Megapolis like me and it helps my neighbors completing contracts! Because I've got quite a lot neighbors it's a really help for me.
Feb 2014
Post count:
Juan White | 14:10 - 8 February 2014
Download megapolis hack 2014 working here

soulstreaming .co/download/megapolis-hack
Jan 2014
Post count:
@www365buyingcom | 04:29 - 24 January 2014
There are too many glitches with Megapolis. Today I purchased the SQ-City for 300,000. While placing the icon, something happened and it just disappeared. The support really sucks as they NEVER respond to the issue. This is not the 1st problem I have encountered with purchases and coins. They really need to get their own server and domain and get away from Facebook, where there constant global traffic really slows don the efficiency of the game.
May 2013
Post count:
Robert Barthélemy | 06:40 - 11 January 2014
I want to do a territorial expansion on a new area. I have 16 "Act of Territorial Expansion" located in my storehouse.
I need only 15 "Act" to do this expansion.
But, I don't arrive to use these Acts to expand into my new territory.
There is necessary a way to do this, but I don't know it ! (It is the first time I want to use - I am on level 94)
Can anyone Help ?
Nov 2013
Post count:
Eddie Munster | 19:54 - 18 November 2013
Meaning no disrespect to the author of this article, Peter Willington, he is somewhat incorrect with his analysis or strategy for game play. Firstly, you
Nov 2013
Post count:
Sanjit Shankar | 10:20 - 1 November 2013
One more friendly tip,i got a regal tower today for free which costs $400000,i don't know if it is applicable to everyone but if u sell that regal tower,u can get $290000.thanks for reading
Jul 2013
Post count:
@thejazzdiva | 19:38 - 26 July 2013
I have been playing for a while, and have it both on my iPad as well as my Galaxy Tab. I will try to answer all the posts. Unlike some games, my game status is the same across all devices. I am using my Facebook login. Performance for the syncronization is good with about 5 minutes. I understand that you can play through FB, although I choose not to. Also to expand, there are a number of new areas that will open up for you to expand to, as well as other infrastructure that will be developed in the area outside your 41X41. It does take quests to build bridges or highways to get new areas
You get a new set of gifts every 24 hours to give to friends.
Please note I am level 76 and have 4 areas, three are maxed out, and I am working on a highway expansion to add a new area beyond the original 41x41.
Feel free to add me as a neighbor, my handle is thejazzdiva.

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