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Love You To Bits walkthrough - hints and solutions for every puzzle (Level 7 - 12)

Bits of bots
Product: Love You to Bits | Developer: Pati.io | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure
Love You to Bits iPhone, thumbnail 1
Love You To Bits is a charming little point and click adventure, about a space-faring boy and his robotic girlfriend.

When his bae is blasted to bits, it's your job to travel from planet to planet and find all the pieces. To do this you'll need to solve puzzles.

They can be tricky, and with no hint system to speak of you can become completely stuck. That's why we're here! With a handy step-by-step guide to every head-scratcher (and bonus item) in the game.

7 - A Dungeon in Panels

Love You To Bits

1 - Go through the door in the first panel, go down the ladder, and go to the right to get to the key that's encased in a block of ice. Pick it up and...

2 - Place it on this pedestal.

- Turn this wheel to move the fire to the left pedestal, which will melt the ice. Then turn the wheel again to move the fire to the right pedestal again.

4 - Go back up the ladder and take the key from the left pedestal. Use this to open the door and then walk on through.

5 - Keep pressing use on these pots to smash them. Repeat until you smash the one with the blue jewel inside. Go down the ladder and get it.

6 - Return to this first room and give the jewel to the troll. It will run off to the very bottom-right panel (where it says 1 on our screenshot), so chase after him. When you catch up, he'll run to the left.

7 - When he's on the left (near the skeleton), run into him again and he'll run right. Quickly pull on the chain here and it will drop a boulder on his head as he runs back. Take the robot part off his body and teleport out of there.

Bonus items

A - Look in this pile of skulls to find a sock.

B - Pull this lever here twice to drop two barrels into the water. They will float to the left where you can jump on them, and pick up a VHS tape (ask your parents) from a gap in the wall, below the number 3 in our screenshot.

8 - A Shady Factory

Love You To Bits

1 - Go all the way down here, and grab the saw.

2 - Go all the way back up, climb on the cart, and use the saw to break through the chain.

3 - Climb on the cart again, and this time climb up the left-most ladder so you can get the hook.

4 - Climb down and use the hook on the hanging hoop here, and then use the cart, to attach them together.

5 - Pull this lever. It will pull the cart up the ramp.

6 - Go down to this elevator, and then ride it up so you can climb the left-most ladder and then...

7 - Use the saw again to detach the cart from the chain and drop it down to the lower area.

8 - Now drop down and push the cart to the left. Take the elevator down. Push the cart to the right so it runs over the elevator and lets you get access to...

9 - This wooden box.

10 - Push the cart left and then use the wooden box to climb up the chain here. Pull the lever, get rid of the monster, and then collect the gear to finish the level.

Bonus items

A - After you have sawn off this chain, pull on it to make a Polaroid camera fall down.

B - The second item, a hoverboard, is hidden in this pile of junk.

C - To be added

9 - The Quantic Library

Love You To Bits

This level magically appears and disappears as you move from bookshelf to bookshelf, but here's what it looks like when you can see everything in one go.

1 - Go to this area, and all fall in the blue portal. You'll appear in the orange portal in the room above, with the arm chair.

2 - Go down the ladder on the far-right, then take the green jewel off the table with the lamp.

3 - Go down once again and take this magic book from the pedestal.

4 - Go up to the very top and use the green jewel on the stone head here. Take the moon jewel from its gaping maw.

5 - Go down the ladder and head left to get to this other stone head. Activate it using the moon jewel, and then twist the handle inside to move the ladder to the right. Go up the ladder.

6 - Place the book in the bookshelf here. A secret door will appear. Go inside.

7 - You'll be here and can pick up the sun jewel from the floor. Go back through the door, and down the ladders to get to...

8 - This weird solar statue thingy. Pop the sun jewel inside. This will make the entire level appear, and reunite the weird deer people at the bottom of the level. The one on the left will drop its robot part, so you can go get it - and finish the level.

Bonus items

A - Use the magic wand on the fireplace until the object above the safe turns into a flower pot. Then take the blue book from the shelf to the right of the safe and read it -a magic raincloud will appear, and a key will grow out of the pot. Take it and unlock the safe.

B - Turn this painting upside down, and you'll be able to pull the cord at C. Do that, and an asteroid will appear at the top. Then return to the painting and turn it 180 degrees so the asteroid is now at the bottom of the square. Return to C and pick it up.

10 - Hide and Peek

Love You To Bits

1 - Go straight inside, and go upstairs to get this crank handle from the shelf.

2 - Go to the top floor and get the pincers from next to the fire and use them to...

3 - Grab the key from the wall here.

4 - Go upstairs and try to grab the kid. He'll dodge to the right. Now use the key to open the chest and grab the kid again. He'll dive into the chest. Now you can grab him, and grab his football helmet.

5 - Go downstairs and give the kid back to his mum. Take the bucket she was sat on and head outside.

Love You To Bits

6 - Use the football helmet to run into this tree, and make the weird insect kid fall down. Scoop her up.

7 - Pull on the rope in the well to make the hook rise up. Attach the bucket to the hook, and then lower it down. Raise it up again and take the bucket of water. Go back inside.

8 - Inside, give the kid back to her mum. And then use the bucket of water on the fireplace and climb up to the roof.

Love You To Bits

9 - Use the crank handle in the washing line and turn it until the kid is hovering above the steps on the left. Then go over and grab him.

10 - Take the washing out of the basket and....

11 - Use it on the weather vane to climb down. Then give the last child back to its mother to get your reward and finish the stage.

Bonus items

A - Raise, lower, and raise the hook in the water without a bucket to collect a conch shell.

B - Open all three of the eggs on the roof. Then wait a few seconds and a Furbie will appear beneath the nest. Grab it.

11 - Multiverse Bar

Love You To Bits

1 - Go straight upstairs and pinch the pool cue from the rack here.

2 - Then go back downstairs and use the cue to snatch the key off the wall. Unlock the door on the left and go through.

3 - Take the hot sauce off the table.

4 - Use the sauce on this guy's chicken legs. He'll drop his cards as he runs off to the toilet.

5 - Use the cards on this table and then tell the big blue guy that the other player is a cheater. A fight will break out, letting you grab a bit of broken bottle.

6 - Use this in the cellar to free this box, and then climb up to get a sausage from the top box.

7 - Use the sausage on the darts player. His dog buddy will bite his butt, letting you take the dart for your own devices.

8 - Use the dart on the big keg in the cellar to drain it of its ghastly green drink.

9 - Open this toilet stall and take the coin off the floor.

10 - Unplug the slot machine. Then, when the alien walks away, plug it back in and use the coin. You'll win a load of money.

11 - Take this trumpet doodad from the musician area.

12 - Play the trumpet here to wake up this man. Then sit in his seat and use your money to order a drink. Because the keg is empty, the bartender will go down to the cellar, giving you a chance to grab the robot piece from the shelf!

Bonus items

A - Move this cart to the right, and pile two bags onto it. Then push the cart to the left so you can climb up and take the torch from on top of the cabinet.

B - To be added

12 - Yb Seog Emit Sa

Love You To Bits

1 - Take the vase from this chap.

2 - And give it to this lady. She'll give you a gem. Go through the door, and climb down the vine to...

3 - These dudes. Give them your gem and you'll get a bomb.

4 - Grab it and climb up to this area. Give the bomb to this dude and he'll give you a cookie.

5 - Give the cookie to this... thing. You'll get a fish.

6 - Climb down to this empty basin and use the fishing bucket. You can now swim over to the left.

7 - Give the fish to the angler. He'll give you a pipe.

8 - Give the pipe to the first guy you met. This will make it so you can climb the tree, get the circuit board, and finish the level.

Bonus items

A - After you have restored the pile of bombs you can climb up here and fish a sword out of the bush.

B - After the animal at position 5 has disappeared you can jump down his hole to appear in the bottom-right of the screen. Then jump down the hole there to get to the bottom-left, where you can pick up the painting.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 25 February 2016
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