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Love Island: The Game cheats and tips - How to flirt with your chosen man

Love a big strong man, me
Product: Love Island | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adult, Adventure
Love Island iPhone, thumbnail 1
Have you ever wanted to flirt with hot guys on hotter island? I sure have. And that's why I've been playing Love Island: The Game.

Beautiful people, beautiful sights, gossip, drama, all of the makings of an amazing reality TV show. Also a game. Who knew?

This quirky visual novel will have you breathless from sexy lads and sexy moments. So how do you best go about flirting them into a compromising position? Well we've got the tips you need…

Make sure to take a look at our list of best girls and least-bad boys.

Love Island The Game

#1 The things they wanna hear

Vanity can be both simple and complex for many reasons, but in Love Island: The Game? It's the single most abusable tactic to get people to liking you. I wonder why?

All you need to do to get on people's good side is to tell them what they want to hear.

"Babe, that bikini is so good on you."

"O-M-G. Your eyebrows are so on fleek right now I could actually die!"

"Yeah Levi, your abs look so tight!"

If you say the right things, a cloud of heart-eyes emojis will burst out of them. Lovely.

Love Island The Game

#2 The man for you

Eventually, you'll find the hunky husbando that you want the most. And it's probably be either Levi or Mason. Find the qualities - and the body - you find desirable in a man, and then seek them out.

Once you find your man you should obviously pay them compliments and shoot them cheeky winks. This will catch his attention.

Though, if you have your heart set on a man, you shouldn't try to upset them by flirting with others!

Love Island The Game

#3 Try harder, sunshine

Not all men are born equal. And some of them just don't act equal. Let's face it, you can have a six pack, but it doesn't exactly mean you're smart, does it?

The fact is, not all of the lads are a bright spark, and, well, I guess it depends what you're into. If that's fine by you, then by all means, go right ahead, gallivant with them. All I'm saying is, their limited knowledge makes me concerned about their wisdom in the bedroom. Know what I mean?

Well, it's all down to personal taste, but if they can't hold a conversation or cook a meal, they're no good for me.

Love Island The Game

#4 Making friends

It's not just the boys you should worry about of course, the girls are involved here too. If the girls don't like you, well, who knows what kind of bitchy gossip could go on while you're not around?

The girls are hard to predict, too. Men are easy to please, afraid to get kicked off the island. The girls are in it for themselves and don't care much for you, frankly.

Some like honesty, while others want flattery. But a bit of the latter always helps.

Love Island The Game

#5 Extra attention

Once you've caught the eye of a guy you like, you can go it alone with them for some extra one on one time. Ooh la la!

The only problem is that will cost you a few gems, some of the game's currency. You certainly won't be able to see them all.

That's why you should only go through these extra scenes with the man that's really for you. Forget about all of the losers with rubbish hair, go for the man of your dreams.

Love Island The Game


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 5 July 2018
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