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Go beyond reality to solve the mystery at the heart of upcoming iOS game Lost Echo
by Chris Priestman 2/8/2013
Product: Lost Echo
Developer: KickBack Studios
Publisher: KickBack Studios
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Adventure
Bad news, chaps. Turns out the future isn't as great as we thought. Modern art takes over architectural design and girlfriends vanish into thin air, for instance.

Set in the near future, KickBack Studios's Lost Echo is a point-and-click adventure in which you play normal guy Greg on a mission to track down his girlfriend Chloe.

The game narrative is much more mysterious than that implies, mind.

You see, Chloe disappeared right in front of Greg. Before his own eyes, in fact. One second, she was there. The next... poof!

Lost property

Chloe hasn't been kidnapped, mind. She's just vanished. Greg is one confused and vulnerable guy, then. Oh, and he's lost in a city.

You'll guide him around with your fingers, examining peculiar items and speaking to strangers in typical point-and-click game fashion.

The twist?

Imagine that

Nobody remembers Chloe except for Greg. Was she a figment of his imagination?

In the gameplay trailer below, we can see that Greg's desperate search for his girlfriend leads him far beyond the 'safe' confines of a city. In fact, his understanding of reality clearly gets distorted as he enters realms that he had no idea even existed.

Intrigued? You should be. KickBack Studios will release Lost Echo for iPhone and iPad "soon".

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