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Little Legends

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

More of a side story than a legend

Product: Little Legends | Developer: Com2uS | Publisher: Com2uS | Format: iPhone | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, RPG | Players: 1 | Networking: wireless (network) | Version: US | App version: 2.0.4
Little Legends iPhone, thumbnail 1
As an on-again-off-again player of Ragnarok Online since 2003, I can confidently say that I have a weakness for cutesy Korean RPGs.

There simply isn't another genre out there that can make you afraid of enemies that look like they belong on an eight-year-old girl's toy shelf ("oh God. Sea otters. I hope they don't see me - oh my dear gentle Saviour, they're swarming me. They're swarming me! My eyes! My flesh!")

Little Legends by South Korean publisher Com2uS is an online action-RPG developed for mobile platforms. As you might expect for a game in this category, it's adorable, and packed with enemies that look as if they have no business carrying such hatred in their hearts.

It's also chained down by an aggravating energy system and laggy servers.

We need a hero

The colourful world of Little Legends is being ravaged by monsters. As a hero, it's your duty to perform a bit of clean-up. You can count on a lot of sword-swinging, a lot of grinding, and even a bit of town-building.

Little Legends lets you play as several warrior classes that should be familiar. There's the Knight (who boasts strength), the Mage (a magic-flinger), the Archer (who attacks from long distances), and the Bandit (strikes and moves quickly).

Only one warrior can adventure at a time, and your objectives are largely the same regardless of whom you strike out with.

Hey boss

The game's action is divided into modules, including boss fights and hunting grounds. Boss fights are what they sound like: story-based battles that pit you one-on-one against big baddies and their minions.

IAPs explained
Little Legends's purchasable hard currency is gems. You can use gems to refill your energy. Powerful equipment is also up for grabs if you're willing to spend some cash.

The in-game currency is gold, for which you can grind through quests or on the hunting grounds. You can purchase much of the aforementioned high-end equipment with gold, but, unsurprisingly, the price tags are very high. You can also buy gold with real-world cash.
Victory brings gold, experience, and valuable items. Hunting grounds are open fields occupied by enemies that can be slain for experience points. Hunting grounds are also where the majority of your Quests take place, most of which are generic stuff (e.g., "Slay X number of enemies").

When your fighters aren't out skinning eyeball monsters, they hang out in a little village you build for them. You can build up your homestead to manufacture valuable items for your little guys, including healing potions.

Who has the energy for this?

Little Legends is a decent little MMORPG, but its far short of epic. There are some server issues, including lag and disconnections, though those will undoubtedly be addressed over time.

A bigger issue is the game's energy, which depletes any time you take on a boss or visit the hunting grounds. Energy is restored over time, or you can refill it instantly by spending (you guessed it) purchasable currency. It's kind of rotten, honestly: what's the point of getting into an adventure if you're going to be pulled out of it every ten minutes?

If you're dying specifically for a mobile MMORPG experience featuring gooey-eyed heroes and villains, you should enjoy Little Legends - more so if you're willing to dish out money for the energy necessary to keep playing.

Otherwise, you probably won't regret just letting this legend fade away.
Little Legends
Reviewer photo
Nadia Oxford | 7 January 2014
Little Legends is a cute, simple mobile-based MMORPG, but its energy system and server issues drag down the experience
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