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Legend Borne - You've played it before but not quite like this

For: iPhone   Also on: iPad

Clash of light and dark

Product: Legend Borne | Publisher: DeNA | Format: iPhone | Genre: Strategy | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | App version: 1.0.7
Legend Borne iPhone, thumbnail 1
This kind of looks like Clash of Clans

Well, that's because it's one of those strategy management type of games - but this one includes a few innovations of its own.

You'll pick between the light and dark side, then build up your own city, install a few defences, and recruit an army of several different units and heroes to take the fight to the opposing side.

What does that involve?

That depends if you're playing PvE or PvP. PvE consists of a map covered in a fog of war and you have to pay to uncover segments of it.

Hiding in the fog may be units to rescue, enemy fortresses or units to assault, or new buildings which unlock a new mode or feature. Most of these involve a fight or two - the game involves a lot of fighting.

Then there's the PvP, which also comes in two forms. There's the Legend Arena that sees you taking on random players to earn honor points which can be spent on new heroes, gold, essence, or gems.

You'll also find less challenging foes on the world map. You can attack them as soon as they appear for bonus resources.

A lot of fighting then. What about defending?

That's a purely passive activity. You can be attacked at any time by a random opponent who, if they beat you, will steal some resources.

You play your part by building, placing, and upgrading defences around the wall of your city. This is also where your resource-producing buildings are located, so figuring out how best to defend yourself is paramount.

Okay, and what about the thing you're defending - your city?

This is just a pre-built location where you manage your army. You can recruit new units and heroes here as well as upgrade them.

It's also where your town hall is located. If you upgrade this, you'll gain access to completely new buildings and features, as well as upgrades for buildings you already own.

You can only upgrade your hall when you gain a character level though, and you earn character experience by upgrading and purchasing buildings.

I'm done talking about this now - I want to go and play it! Should I though?

If you've played a Clash of Clans-type of game before and liked it, you'll have an absolute blast with Legend Borne.

It's got that tried and trusted gameplay you've experienced but with a totally new structure of play to keep things fresh.

It's not perfect though. There are a few connection issues that need to be ironed out for a start.

A number of times I tried to enter a PvP battle and was unable to because the game failed to connect, and a few times I got disconnected in the middle and lost valuable progress.

It's also not the best looking mobile game out there - but that could be intentional to ensure it reaches the largest number of players possible. The 3D buildings, heroes, and units are nice enough but the 2D backgrounds in some areas are a bit jarring.

Finally - and this is more a criticism of the genre than the game - there's not a lot of strategy here. You just tap to summon a unit to battle and it heads out to attack something on its own.

You can tap on a hero to use an active skill whenever it's recharged and certain units are better against different enemies and buildings so there's a bit of interaction, it's just relatively light.

In fact, having a bigger and more powerful army is more important than careful planning during a battle.
Legend Borne - You've played it before but not quite like this
Reviewer photo
Glen Fox | 15 February 2016
Legend Borne may be another Clash of Clans-type game, but it innovates enough and provides a fresh structure of play to appeal to fans of the genre both new and old. It's just a shame about those connection issues
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