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Legend Borne tips, cheats, and how to play

A new legend is born(e)
Product: Legend Borne | Publisher: DeNA | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
Legend Borne iPhone, thumbnail 1
Legend Borne is your newest Clash of Clans-style obsession that challenges you to build a city, place defences to keep it safe, and recruit an army powerful enough to take the fight to the light or dark - depending on which side you choose yourself.

As is common with these types of games, it can be pretty overwhelming at first. It throws a ton of features in your general direction you which can be difficult to understand - or just not explained at all.

Well, that's where Pocket Gamer comes in. We've spent a fair bit of time with the game to bring you these few tips and tricks on how to play.

Keep that town hall upgraded

This should always be your first priority, as new buildings, upgrades, units, and heroes are unlocked when you upgrade your town hall.

You can't increase it higher than your player level though - so keep that in mind. To raise that, you have to build or upgrade buildings to earn experience points.

So whenever you're unable to upgrade your town hall, keep a steady stream of building upgrades on the go to keep that experience rolling in.

Be smart with your upgrades though

Don't just start a massive three hour long upgrade at the beginning of a playing session. It's counter-productive. Instead, you should stick to the smaller upgrades as they're more likely to finish while you're playing, letting you start another one right away.

Longer upgrades should be started at the end of a playing session when you're sure you won't be playing in a while. That way, when you come back, they'll be finished.

Prioritise defence and resource building upgrades

Why is this important? Because it's the only aspect of the game that's outside of your control. You'll need more and more resources as you play, and earning them can be tough at times.

With that in mind, keeping resource buildings at the max upgrade level will ensure you always have the maximum amount being produced at all times.

You also have no control over defending your city, so keeping your defensive buildings at max level is the only action you can take to increase your chances of victory.

Assaulting an enemy is totally under your control though, and you won't lose much if you fail to defeat your opponent, so keeping your units upgraded and unlocked should always be a secondary concern.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your units

Don't just spawn all of your units at once when you start a battle - it's much smarter to plan ahead.

Your hero should always be the first unit you send out, as it can generally soak up a lot more damage than your other units. Position it so it will attack the largest number of enemy units.

Then, when it's got their attention, summon your ranged units who should be able to assist your hero without putting themselves in any real danger.

Units such as wolves and peasants should absolutely be the last to be sent into battle. They're weak and can die easily if they draw too much attention.

That being said, they do focus on specific types of enemies, so you can send them in if that type if posing too much of a threat to your army.

Regularly re-check the world map

As you pay to remove the fog of war and defeat the various enemies and bases that get uncovered, you'll gain access to new units and buildings.

You should unlock these new units immediately, and gain the advantages of those buildings.

Don't just neglect them after you've done so though - over time buildings will spawn new units and resources so you should keep checking back to see if there's anything new to tap and collect, or if there are new units to spawn.

Don't neglect the resources at your wall though

That's right - the buildings at your wall will continuously produce new resources as well, so don't forget to head back there often to grab everything that's been produced.

Remember that these buildings should be your priority to upgrade, along with your defences.

Complete quests

A nice and easy tip to end this one on. You need essence to upgrade your heroes and units, and the only way to earn this is to complete quests.

You can keep track of these at any point by tapping on the quest icon at the bottom left of the screen. They range from returning to the menu after a set amount of time has passed, to producing a set number of resources.

Check back here often to grab that essence as quickly as possible so you can keep unlocking new quests and earn it faster.

Reviewer photo
Glen Fox 15 February 2016
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