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Tae Kwon Don't
by Matthew Diener 24/12/2012
Product: Karateka (a.k.a. Karateka Classic)
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Publisher: Karateka LLC
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Fighting, Music/ Rhythm
Players: 1
Version: US
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Nostalgia is a heady substance. When sipped judiciously, it can make an average game experience into something to be savoured as each screen brings along with it flashes of long-forgotten memories.

Drink too deeply from the cup of nostalgia, however, and you'll wake up with a nasty hangover and night that you'd rather forget.

Karateka, a reboot of Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner's 1984 beat-'em-up of the same name is a prime example of how not to enjoy nostalgia responsibly.

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A pretty atmosphere and reliance on nostalgia don't make up for the simple gameplay, low amount of content, and buggy nature of this release
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 3
Innovation: 5
Overall: 4
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