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Out at midnight: Jupiter Jump is a pixely one-touch bouncy platformer for iPhone and iPad
by Harry Slater 11/6/2014
Product: Jupiter Jump
Publisher: Noodlecake Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Hardcore, Platform

Jupiter Jump is a fast-paced one-touch platformer from Noodlecake Games. It's just hit the App Store in New Zealand, so it should be landing in the UK at midnight tonight.

The game sees you leaping around an alien landscape, dodging bombs and darting through gates.

Tapping the screen makes you bounce hard into the ground, and that's the only control you've got.

There's a great snap to the game, and anyone can pick it up and give it a try.

Jupiter Jump will be hitting the App Store later tonight, and it won't cost you anything to have a go at bashing an astronaut into a planet's surface.
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