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Infinity Danger

For: iPhone   Also on: iPad

Combat evolved

Product: Infinity Danger | Developer: Milkstone Studios | Publisher: Milkstone Studios | Format: iPhone | Genre: Arcade, Shooter | Players: 1 | Version: Europe | App version: 1.1, 1.1
Infinity Danger iPhone, thumbnail 1
"Learn from your mistakes" is a platitude most of us have had spouted at us at one point or another.

In Infinity Danger, it's a deeply ingrained philosophy that your one and only foe lives and dies by.

Every time you blow up the solitary boss-like aircraft in this twin-stick shooter, it comes back to life bigger and tougher than before.

Rinse and repeat

Indeed, Infinity Danger's key selling point is that your opponent learns from its weaknesses and adapts to your assaults.

This might sound smart, but it doesn't play out quite as excitingly as we might have hoped.

Essentially, if you blow up all of the enemy craft's cannons, it will simply return with beefed up cannons. Ditto with its missile launchers or beam weapons or whatever modular weapon you target the most.

As you have to peel through a certain number of defensive layers in order to get to the juicy core that briefly ends your opponent's existence, you're guaranteed to get a tougher challenge with each passing level - it's just that you can have a small say on the form that threat will take.

Glutton for punishment

In truth, your opponent doesn't quite vary enough in between levels to really sell the idea, or to keep you interested beyond a few blasts through. It feels like you're repeating the same fight against the same foe a dozen times in a row - just with an escalating difficulty level.

The first time those aforementioned beam weapons were employed against me it was a thrill, and the way this evolutionary approach prompts you to pick your shots a little more carefully is also interesting.

However, in the latter case the controls aren't quite precise enough to enable those surgical strikes.

It's a twin-stick setup, but the left-hand movement stick isn't tight enough to enable you confidently to dip through the swarms of bullets that fill each confined level, and the stuck-on 'fire' button makes picking your spot a little trickier and less satisfying.

Infinity Danger is a solid blaster, but the execution doesn't quite match the single-minded purity of its premise and structure.
Infinity Danger
Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy | 28 October 2013
A solid twin-stick shooter with an interesting evolutionary twist, but the execution doesn't quite match up to the concept
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