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Inbetween Land
Middle of the road
by Peter Willington 14/2/2013
Product: Inbetween Land
Developer: Specialbit Studios
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Puzzle
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Look out that window next to you and imagine that where there was empty sky before there's now a giant floating island. Now imagine that it's deserted, and that looters have started ransacking it of its treasures.

Your friend Mary begins to become obsessive about the island, hoarding as many artefacts as possible. One day she vanishes, and you're drawn to the island to explore its ominously quiet halls and uncover the mysteries that lay within.

That would be an interesting premise for a Myst-style adventure, wouldn't it? Well that's what you get with Inbetween Land, and since it's G5 Entertainment at the helm there's some lacklustre hidden object-finding thrown into the mix too. ...
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A good choice for the hardcore casual adventurer, but those expecting a revelatory experience like that found in Cyan Worlds's best may well come away disappointed
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 7
Value: 6
Innovation: 5
Overall: 6
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