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Gameloft updates Silver Award-winning MOBA Heroes of Order & Chaos with new map and heroes
by Anthony Usher 26/6/2013
Product: Heroes of Order & Chaos
Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Gameloft
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Card battler, RPG
French studio Gameloft has just updated its fantasy MOBA Heroes of Order & Chaos with a raft of new content.

For starters, there's a brand-new map for you try out. It's called the Under Realm Ruins, and it's a steampunk map that's perfectly suited to 5-on-5 battles.

After downloading this update, you'll also have access to two new heroes. Laurelai is the green Guardian of Gaia, while Jombraa is a pretty mean-looking Planewalker.

There are new items and tablets now, too.

If you're a regular player of Heroes of Order & Chaos, you'll probably be pleased to read that Gameloft's Silver Award-winning title now has a new match-making system. This enables you to choose between Fast and Strict matches.

Furthermore, there are now some weekly tournaments. Compete in these and you'll unlock heroes, skins, and even - if you're lucky - in-game currency.

If you haven't already, go download Heroes of Order & Chaos from the App Store now. It's a freebie, after all.
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