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Fruit Ninja
A real cherry
by Tracy Erickson 3/11/2010
Product: Fruit Ninja
Developer: Halfbrick
Publisher: Halfbrick
Format: iPhone
Genre: Action, Casual
Players: 1-2
Version: US
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Cutting fruit is usually a chore, but in slash-happy Fruit Ninja it's good casual fun.

The game's straightforward finger-swiping action is just that - action. Instead of weighing down its basic arcade gameplay with frivolous elements and unnecessary embellishments, Fruit Ninja delivers pure fruit-slicing action.

Depth comes from a variety of well-conceived modes and expert use of Game Center and OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards that keep you coming back for more.

Put da lime in da coconut

Classic mode hurls fruit on your screen, which you hack with a swipe of a finger. Each sliced piece of fruit nets you a point, whereas cutting through multiple pieces of fruit simultaneously earns you extra combo points. ...
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Fruit Ninja is a sharp little arcade game with great modes, superb online features, and a quality feel that makes it a pleasure to play
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 8
Value: 7
Innovation: 5
Overall: 8
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