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Friendstrap is a novel new game about conversation and endurance
by Harry Slater 19/11/2013
Product: Friendstrap
Publisher: Game Oven
Format: iPhone
Genre: Casual, Multiplayer
Game Oven is a developer obsessed with putting you in vaguely uncomfortable situations.

Fingle, for instance, involved your intertwining your fingers with your friends'. Game Oven's latest endeavour, Friendstrap, is a game of conversational chicken.

And the good news is Friendstrap will be available on the App Store on November 20th. By my reckoning, that's tomorrow.

Hot topic

You and a friend will hold a finger down on the screen of your iPhone. Whoever lifts up her finger first is the loser. It doesn't sound too tough, sure. Until you're given some topics to talk about while you wait, that is.

These subjects range from the awkward to the uncomfortable, the mundane to the bizarre. Thus, the game becomes about who's more willing to reveal her darkest secrets and silliest thoughts.

And who can stop herself reeling away in laughter.

In Friendstrap, you'll be connecting with your friends in new ways, with the game prompting conversations you'd probably never have had otherwise.

There will be extra layers of play, too, with 'hands-off' vibrations adding spice to proceedings, for example.

Once you factor in toilet breaks, popping to the shops, and trips to the kitchen to make food, Friendstrap becomes an ingenious game of endurance.

If you're looking for a party game that's well outside the norm, keep an eye on the App Store tomorrow for Friendstrap.
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