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Free apps of the day - Dungelot, Rock(s) Rider
by Anthony Usher 18/2/2013
Product: Free iPhone Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Good news, folks: Pocket Gamer is partnering with the Free App Alliance in order to highlight some of the App Store's best free games every single day.

As we always say, prices in the App Store change frequently, so be sure to grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

As always, feel free to inform us and your fellow readers of any other great free apps in our comments section below.


In this Bronze Award-winning roguelike, you're tasked with completing quests en route to escaping from a range of dark and dangerous dungeons.

Each dungeon in this excellent title is laid out across a 6x5 grid of tiles. These tiles house vicious enemies, glittering treasures, and fiendish traps.

Unfortunately, all of these hazards and rewards are initially obscured from view. So, it's a case of hoping for the best as you tap your device's screen to uncover whatever is behind each tile.

Rock(s) Rider

Rock(s) Rider is a tough side-scrolling racer in which your aim is to safely make it across various obstacle-filled levels without falling on your backside (or your face).

This Trials HD-style title contains more than 110 challenges and 50 unlockable achievements.

Back in December, Rock(s) Rider was updated with - among other things - 12 new levels (four of which you tackle on a tricycle).

Download both games now, and be sure to grab the best free apps every day via the Free App Alliance app.
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