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Forever Drive
Taking the toll (road)
by Keith Andrew 17/10/2011
Product: Forever Drive
Developer: Supermono Studios
Format: Android, iPhone
Genre: Racing
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Forever Drive: is it a name, a challenge, or simply a plea?

It's a question that will play heavily on your mind as you play Supermono's highly anticipated social racer. Taken purely as a game – in terms of balance, controls, and design – it's very easy to take its title at face value, giving in to your addiction and racing on and on and on.

But there's something built into Forever Drive's very framework that seems to want you to do the exact opposite. Yes, Supermono's latest is freemium all the way, and it's a choice that results in the game almost working against itself. ...
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One of the most addictive racers on the market, only freemium grumbles stop Forever Drive being an instant classic
Audio/visual: 9
Gameplay: 8
Value: 6
Innovation: 7
Overall: 8
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