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[Updated] Noodlecake adds little wings to Super Stickman's golf balls, makes Flappy Golf
by Chris Priestman 27/3/2014
Product: Flappy Golf
Publisher: Noodlecake Games
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Sports
Updated on March 27th, at 12:40: Flappy Golf is also out on Android. For some reason, though, it's called Golfy Bird on the Google Play Store.

It's probably to get around Google's 'flappy'-cutting filters.

Whatever the reason, you can grab the game from Google Play right now for nowt [download].

Original story follows...

We couldn't help it. Noodlecake Games's Flappy Jam entry Flappy Golf is too much fun; it has to be shared.

Rather than simply rehash Flappy Bird like so many other Flappy Jam entries, Noodlecake has taken the 'flapping' mechanic and introduced it to Bronze Award-winning Super Stickman Golf 2.

Instead of hitting the ball into the hole with a club, you have to flap to the left or right to guide the ball into the hole. The challenge is in succeeding in the least number of flaps possible.

The courses start off easy enough, so you should get plenty of gold stars, which are needed to unlock more courses. Making use of dips in the ground for extra wind beneath your wings is a good tactic.

But when the portals, buzzsaws, and mines are added, each flap has you holding your breath due to the tension of being so close to death.

Flappy Golf is free on the App Store, supported by adverts, and offers loads of levels to complete.
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