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Robotic iOS shooter Epoch 2 arrives on the App Store on November 14th
by Chris Priestman 11/11/2013
Product: Epoch 2
Developer: Uppercut Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Shooter
Uppercut Games is living up to its name by delivering a release date for its robotic iOS cover shooter, Epoch 2, right under our chins today.

November 14th is when the sparks will fly once again, when Epoch 2 lands on the App Store. Only a few days away, then.

We went hands-on with Epoch 2 not long ago, and found out that there are new enemy types to adjust to, like the flying enemies that can render your cover obsolete.

We also know there's a RPG-style levelling system with destructive moves to unlock that will help you bring the smackdown to your metallic foes. An active-reload system, a la Gears of War, is another new feature you should prepare yourself for.

Most importantly, Uppercut assured us that Epoch 2 would be much longer than its short predecessor, the Silver Award-winning Epoch. A single playthrough of Epoch 2 should last about three to four hours, we were told.

Don't forget that date; November 14th. In fact, we'll make sure you don't.
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