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App Army Assemble: Epic Orchestra - Does conducting feel as good on mobile?

Rhythm action at its finest?
Product: Epic Orchestra | Publisher: Moby, Inc. | Format: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Epic Orchestra iPhone, thumbnail 1
Epic Orchestra was a great idea for the Apple TV. It's a rhythm action game in which you play as a conductor and have to flick the remote in the direction of the arrows that appear on the screen, paying close attention to the rhythm of the song.

The mobile version, which just launched this week, replaces those flicks with swipes, and the result works beautifully. We gave it a Silver Award at review, and said: "It might seem like a bizarre mix, but Epic Orchestra's classical rhythm action is an absolute delight to behold".

But don't just take our word for it. Read on for the thoughts of our community members in the App Army.

Tom Clark

This is basically Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution but with you as a conductor, swiping the direction the arrows point as they hit the speaker box.

It's pretty basic stuff. The music is relaxing and the graphics are okay so if you're into music conducting you'll enjoy this.

Quincy Jones

It's not bad - I think I'd like it more if I was into rhythm games. It's fun to play and I enjoyed the music provided.

It's not very challenging to play in general, but you can create your own challenge by trying to beat your score. I can see that being quite addictive.

I like that you have a large area to swipe, and the little animations are funny to watch.

Tony Teulan

I do rather like it. It doesn't innovate but for those who find this type of music appealing, it's a great way to pass the time. All three difficulty modes are pretty easy, as the window for making the correct swipe motion is rather generous.

Laura Egri

You have to appreciate music like Grieg, Bach, and Mozart to enjoy this, but it's generally quite fun to just chase your score.

The graphics are nice, the handling smooth, and it's not overly difficult so you have fun right away.

Andy Nahm

This is fun for a quick rhythm action fix but it lacks depth. It's too easy compared to others in the genre like Cytus Lambda, Deemo, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.

The selection of music is great though, and the graphics are nice - I particularly liked the animations.

Oksana Ryan

I love this game - the classical music is well suited to the gameplay. It's reminiscent of other rhythm action games, sure, but it's unique enough to retain your interest.

There's plenty of content across the three levels, the graphics are great, and the quality of sound is excellent. I particularly like the way you lose members of the orchestra when you don't play the correct way and I think it would be great fun at a party. A big thumbs up.

Aaron Burdett

The visuals and soundtrack are nice, but it just wasn't meaty enough for me. It's simple to play, and felt forgiving on all of the levels. It's quite accessible with it's solid controls, everyone should be able to easily pick up and play.

I'm usually a big fan of this genre but feels all too casual and there's not much replay value. You can buy more characters and songs, but unfortunately it didn't bring anything that new to the table so won't be one I stick with.

Kainen Ryan

This is fun and gets challenging at times. I can't help chuckling when part of your orchestra bites the dust when you make a mistake.

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Reviewer photo
Glen Fox 27 October 2016
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