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Here's everything you can pay for in action-RPG Dungeon Hunter 4

Pay to slay

Product: Dungeon Hunter 4 | Publisher: Gameloft | Genre: Action, RPG
Dungeon Hunter 4 iPhone, thumbnail 1
The in-app purchases in Gameloft's latest hack 'n' slash Diablo-like game Dungeon Hunter 4 are really something else.

In this game, the French studio employs an "if you can see it, you can buy it" system, encouraging you to pay for new weapons, better skills, more health, extra potions, instant revival, and more inventory slots.

And then you can take your ill-gotten gains online and best all those poor peasants in the free-for-all arena.

Let's have a look at exactly what's on sale in this here game, then, shall we?

Refill your health potions

Dungeon Hunter 4

Your three health potions automatically refill, but at a rate of of one every four hours.

If you need a quick hit of health now, you'll need to either pause mid-battle and wait, or pay for the privilege.

Upgrade items instantly

Dungeon Hunter 4

Upgrading an item not only uses up in-game cash, but it also uses up some of your valuable time. You have to wait for upwards of an hour for your gear to be ready, in fact.

Unless you want to pay, of course.

Remove and combine charms without waiting

Dungeon Hunter 4

Prying a rune out of a sword also takes time. Unless you wish to pay to expedite the process.

Those handy runes are more powerful when stuck together, but you'll get landed with another wait timer when you go to merge them.

Get special gear

Dungeon Hunter 4

You can only buy many of the items available with gems. These pricey premium items are frankly obnoxious: not only are they advertised on every loading screen in the game, but they also take up residence in both the shop and your inventory.

You know, just in case you forgot that you can buy them.

Unlock new skills

Dungeon Hunter 4

Why wait to unlock a tremor attack, a cyclone spell, or an extra passive skill slot?

Just pay a few quid, and you can have any skill you want. No matter how overpowered and balance breaking it may be to have the strongest skill on the first quest.

You can also pay to reset your skills.

Get more inventory slots

Dungeon Hunter 4

The tiny inventory, a.k.a. the bane of every loot hoarder's life. Gameloft lets you buy a few extra slots for a small price. Lucky you.

Unlock hour-long buffs

Dungeon Hunter 4

Want to cause 100 percent more damage for an hour?

That'll be £2.99, please.

The in-game potion shop is well stocked with incredibly powerful buffs, albeit at absurdly premium prices.

Spin a roulette wheel

Dungeon Hunter 4

I don't really remember when it suddenly became cool to put gambling mechanics in a game designed for nine-year-olds.

But here we are.

Put in a few quid, spin the wheel, and hope that the wheel of fate lands on more than one star. Then, you get to pick one rune you like the look of.

Don't worry, kids: it's doesn't cost much to spin again! And again! And again!

Come back to life

Dungeon Hunter 4

Relive the good old days of arcade machines. You know, when you could just slot in another 50p piece when you died.

Those were the days.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 11 April 2013
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