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How to start your quest in Dungeon Hunter 4 - hints, tips, and tricks

Free advice
Product: Dungeon Hunter 4 | Publisher: Gameloft | Genre: Action, RPG
Dungeon Hunter 4 iPhone, thumbnail 1
There's no getting away from it: the Dungeon Hunter series has been somewhat spoiled by Gameloft's heavy-handed implementation of the freemium model.

But underneath all those in-your-face weapon purchase prompts, delayed item upgrades, and irritatingly calculated difficulty spikes, there's a polished action-RPG.

So, in spite of our grumbles, there's plenty of fun to be had with Dungeon Hunter 4. Plus, given that you can get a lot of that enjoyment for free, there's a good chance a number of you will have downloaded it.

We won't be supplying you with a full walkthrough - partly because we can't afford to complete the game (zing!) - but we can provide some gentle guidance as you begin your epic quest. Hopefully, it will cut down on irritation and minimise expenditure.

Right, let's get questing.

Class guide

First up, you need to select a warrior. You can divide these four archetypes roughly into two distinct categories: melee and ranged.

Melee fighters are easier to control, with your right thumb simply having to hammer a virtual button to attack. You control ranged fighters, meanwhile, in much the same way you control your character / craft in a twin-stick shooter, so you need a little aiming finesse.

Here's how each individual class shapes up.

Battleworn: Slow, strong physical attacks that practically beg you to get up close and personal. There's no point hammering the attack button - steady, rhythmic taps as you finish each swipe are the way forward. Just make sure that you're pointing in the right direction when you do, or you'll be left open.

Blademaster: Quicker dual-wielding slashes. Possibly the most immediate and easiest class to get to grips with, as you can button mash your way to decent results.

Warmage: Ranged magical attacks that do decent damage and have a bit of a blast radius. Don't think you can't get in close and mix it up, either - your wand swipes will take out multiple foes up close, though don't get too bogged down. Not the toughest cookie.

Sentinel: Ranged, quick-fire attacks. Possibly the hardest class to play as initially, as shots need to be well aimed and your second special attack does no damage at all. The idea here is to keep out of trouble and use that evasive roll plenty. You have to aim the first special, too, which is tricky when you need to take your thumb off the movement stick to activate it.

Combat strategies

If you've plumped for one of the melee classes, you have to be aggressive. Saying that, you don't want to get surrounded.

Both melee classes have a very useful dash attack (the first one you earn at the beginning of the game) that simultaneously causes damage and acts as an evasive move. So, use it to avoid being mobbed.

Speaking of the charge attack both melee classes have, consider it your best tool when you get to the arena levels and find yourself a little overwhelmed. Run left and right to bunch the enemies together - Pied Piper style - then turn and activate the attack to cause some carnage. Now, run in the opposite direction and repeat.

For the ranged classes, you want to keep enemies, in general, at arm's length. Many enemies will hang around in the vicinity until approached, so use the radar to pinpoint and target them when off-screen for some cheap kills.

Be aware that ranged class special attacks tend to be grouped around the movement controls. This means you have to stop to activate them, so make sure you have a little breathing space when using them.

General advice

- Explore the levels thoroughly, smashing all boxes and pots for loot. In the same way, never pass up a fight unless you're extremely low on health. You need that experience and the loot that enemies drop.

- Don't hoard weapons: sell them when you find something better. It's almost always worth paying to remove charms from their slots, though. You can always earn more gold, and a good charm combo can come in very handy.

- Though it's good to sell useless weapons, it's worth holding on to one or two alternative weapons that have completely different charm slot shapes or alternative charm loadouts. That way, you can change your weaponry according to the opposition.

- It's not worth buying gems for advanced weapons or items of armour until you really need them, which is likely to be when you reach your first arena battle.

- Don't bother wasting gems to speed up charm removal - it's never essential. The same generally applies to upgrading equipment. Waiting for an upgrade to kick in will rarely hold up a mission, as you'll only really get a significant advance in ability level by spending gems on an all-new kick-ass piece of equipment. Just be patient and get on with the game while the timers tick down.

- It's good to keep a wide spread of charms in reserve to fit whatever slots a new piece of equipment might come with.

Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy 19 April 2013
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Oct 2014
Post count:
Molly Martin | 15:50 - 10 October 2014
Hi just wondering how to get free gems im buying the $4.99 for items ,gems and money but how do i get some for free i know the spin gets me 10 a day but is there video to watch for free gems or something along them lines
Jul 2014
Post count:
Patrick Brian | 05:08 - 1 July 2014
Not understanding this dps thang for me one min its 742, 642.64 then with out changing any thing look again and its 354, 645.76 every quest I go in its different any one have any insight on this matter
Jun 2014
Post count:
Koi Santos | 12:46 - 28 June 2014
Hello. Pleas help me icant leave the goblin tunnel, it says you cant leave while in combat... What should i do please help me....
May 2014
Post count:
Aldriin Garces | 06:57 - 6 May 2014
i love this game <33333
Feb 2014
Post count:
maracksus | 22:18 - 23 February 2014
Well you don't need to spend any money on the game, but if you really like the game play it for a while and you will get gold gear and gemsall by playing. Now if u want to get free gems use the wheel of faith every day for free exit in and out the wheel of faith until the gems will come out as a prize and it will be always a win since they are in slot 1 ( you can do this once per account and once a day), if you do pvp u will get 1 or 2 gems per game or every 5 mins if u win thats 2 but if you lost the game you get 1, now with the bloodmatch there is sometimes that they award you with gems or at the reset you will get some so there it is 4 ways for you to get gems so don't spend money on this way just spend time i have a lvl 82 blademaster with 100 tier gear on it all i got it by playing over and over the game even the dungeons over and over, what you have to think about this game if you ever play diablo its that you wil alwasy do the samething over and over maybe even 100 times and the item you want it mya not even will drop or i will drop on your first try.Its good to try now the bloodmatch now since you can grind exp good and gear every timer you kill a boss!!!! GOOD HUNTING !!!!!! :)
Dec 2013
Post count:
Chase Kirkwood | 02:20 - 11 December 2013
I am a level 16 currently but I cannot find a level 13 weapon. There is a level 11 weapon and the next highest weapon is a level 22 weapon. If I can't get the level 13 weapon I can't complete tasks. Can someone help?
Dec 2013
Post count:
Michael Laws | 13:40 - 5 December 2013
I discovered a cheat for Dungeon Hunter 4 on kindle fire. I loaded up the game when my tablet thought it was connected to wifi, when in fact it was only connected to a public wifi router that required further sign-in on a web page (like a cafe, bar, hotel or cloud connection). Despite the fact I hadn't realised that I was not actually connected to the internet the game unusually allowed me to start upgrading my weapons and armour and removing charms (I'm, into level 30s now with tier 40+ gear) so it tends to take 2-5 hours for things to happen.

The game started the process fine, but then I got some pop up saying I hadn't logged in properly. Anyway I immediately logged out of the game, connected to the internet properly and logged back in within 2 minutes, all the upgrades I had started a few minutes earlier had completed... In my opinion when it takes 5 hours to merge some charms this slightly weird work around is well worth it, although you need to find a suitable wifi network with web page login.

Hope that helps some people.
Nov 2013
Post count:
Cyrus Victoriano | 15:47 - 6 November 2013
That is going to take SO LONG to do this without money. This game is too boring to do over and over again. It's old school spending hours doing the same thing leveling up which has its good to pay your dues through experience but I think as adults time is important. The more we can get done in life the better so I like having that option to advance if there's no game shark. I wish it was cheaper and that the game actually gave equipment we can use even if we paid. The game is weak in the farming aspect of equipment, everything I equip I bought at the shop I've never found even 1 that's stronger than what I got in the shop.
Jun 2013
Post count:
Val Esmino | 07:31 - 30 June 2013
starting with a sentinel is harder than battleworn and blademaster but i ended with a sentinel :D why? because my thumb hurts and i had to shift fingers when my lvl 52 blademaster is farming lvl 88 bosses. believe me it is taking like forever. at least with my sentinel i only had to put my finger on top of the button and it fires steadily. no i havent spent a dime, i just cant even if i want to.
the only thing in the game that might keep you up in battles is life steal(got 20%) because healing pots is simply out of the game, dont even think you have those 3. 4 hours? 4hours? and another 4 hours? come on!!!
just get those daily crystals(lottery trick-if you dont have the crystals as reward for first spin, press back then look up again).
and also lots of patience or else you might break that phone in your hand
Jun 2013
Post count:
Jason Burgess | 22:52 - 4 June 2013
Let me give everyone the lowdown on this game. You decide for yourself if it is worth playing. I currently have a level 54 character, and have played the game off and on the past two months, and I haven't spent a dime on it:

The positives:

1) The quality is pretty good. It reminds me of a cheap knock-off of Diablo games, and we all know how fun those are to play.

2) Being able to combine charms and add them to weapons is fairly interesting. Also, your character has a wide variety of skills to choose from.

3) MOST IMPORTANT- You don't have to pay a dime to play the game and be successful in it. Yes, you do have to grind an awful lot to level your character once you get past level 20 or so, and also you have to grind for gold to buy better gear/weapons.

4) You can earn a few gems each day (10-15) on the wheel of fate and by watching ads for other games. So you can actually get gems without paying money.

This is about it on the positives.

The negatives:
1) The game is extremely buggy and the customer support seems to be non-existent. There are a lot of complaints in the app store. I heard a lot of people complaining about the co-op bug (where if you try to join a co-op match, your character's stats bug to really low damage and health such that you will die in one hit). I kept thinking to myself that co-op is fun and I haven't had a problem with the bug, so I am in good shape. Then (I can't figure out how or why), I got the bug. Now I can't play co-op anymore because I die in one hit on co-op play. So I have had to ignore the friends I made for the past two months. Gameloft is aware of this bug, yet they have done nothing to fix it in months!
2) Even though I haven't spent a dime, I have perused the shop on many occasions, and everything is insanely expensive. Even low tier weapons cost a ridiculous amount of gems- you are going to pay about $5 for even the cheapest gear, which is absolutely ridiculous (and the gear becomes outdated once you level up). The most annoying part to me is that you can't reset the skill points you have used without paying gems, and the game doesn't let you know this early on so if you invest all your skill points into your early level skills, your character is weak later on unless you spend $5-10 resetting your skill points. Also, each time you purchase extra inventory slots, the cost goes up (i.e. 40 gems for the first 2, 50 gems for the second 2, 60 for the third, and so on....). I have used free gems to get my inventory up to 30, but now I can't justify spending 80 gems to up it 2 more slots. Even reviving your character one time, which is pretty much pointless in this game, costs 50 gems (50 cents to revive your character once- you have got to be kidding me).

3) Crafting in this game is a good concept, but the way they have it set up, crafting is useless once you hit level 30+. I have 30 something voidstones sitting around because the best weapon you can craft does significantly less damage than weapons you can buy for gold in the shop. Crafting is good early on, but by the time you grind enough (and trust me you will grind a lot to save enough) to transmute and save enough voidstones to make the voidstone set pieces, your level is high enough to where the voidstone pieces have crappy stats and you are better off buying stuff from the shop. They seriously need to revamp crafting in this game.

4) Combining high level charms (level 6+) and upgrading high tier weapons takes forever! I should not have to wait 4+ hours for a weapon to upgrade or for a charm to combine (that is, unless you want to shell out moula), especially since we already have a limited inventory space. Want to take a charm out of your armor? Well, that'll take another 4 hours. Literally, it can take an entire day to take a charm out of your armor, combine it with another charm, and then add the charm to another piece. This wouldn't be so bad if you had decent inventory space.

5) If you haven't been able to tell already, the game is nothing but a cash grab. No you don't HAVE to pay a dime. However, things are a lot more grindy and a lot less fun this way.

6) PvP (player vs player) is absolutely pathetic. I don't play this for PvP, but have tried it a few times. There is always the one guy in there who is 20 levels below you, but has spent $10 or $15 real money purchasing the most powerful items, who will then proceed to wipe the floor with you. Or perhaps this was because my character was bugged and my health was at 200. Either way, it stinks.

In summation, I still play about once every 3 days or so for a couple of hours, but it has gotten old, especially since I can't play with other people because of the bug. If I didn't already have so much time invested, I would probably just delete the game from my ipad. It is ok on the fun scale, but leaves a lot to be desired, and don't expect any customer service, even if you do spend real money on the game buying gems.
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