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Tim Schafer's Double Fine working on new music title Dropchord for Leap Motion and iOS
by James Gilmour 8/3/2013
Product: Dropchord
Developer: Double Fine
Publisher: Double Fine
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Music/ Rhythm
Tim Schafer's Double Fine studio has just announced Dropchord, a new rhythm-action game for iOS devices and the forthcoming Leap Motion Controller (for PCs and Macs).

With Dropchord, Schafer and his crew are aiming to fuse rhythm / music gameplay with some natty visual effects.

The game, which is the result of a collaboration between Schafer and his financing partner Dracogen, is being developed by members of the Kinect Party dev team.

While the focus of Dropchord's announcement blurb is primarily the Leap Motion Controller, we do know that the game will be heading to iOS devices "later this year".

Though Dropchord screenshots provided are pretty, they don't give away much in the gameplay department. We'll just have to trust that the Double Fine team has cooked up something ingenious to get our fingers grooving.

We also hope that the team isn't getting too distracted by Dropchord seeing as we're all still patiently waiting for upcoming point-and-click game Double Fine Adventure.

Come on, guys!
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