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Draw Something 2

For: iPhone   Also on: Android, iPad

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Product: Draw Something 2 | Publisher: OMGPOP | Format: iPhone | Genre: Casual | Players: 1-2 | Networking: wireless (network) | Version: Europe | App version: 1.4.12
Draw Something 2 iPhone, thumbnail 1
OMGPOP's Draw Something was a revelation when it debuted, racking up 50 million downloads in as many days and causing Zynga to get out its chequebook and purchase the game - and its developer - for a cool $180 million.

However, as with so many fads, Draw Something's appeal waned almost as quickly and it went from being the game that everyone was playing to the game everyone used to be playing.

When you've spent almost 200 million bucks on something, that's not really part of the plan, so it should come as little surprise to see that Zynga has given the game a considerable face-lift and pushed it back onto the market with a "2" at the end of the title.

To be fair, Draw Something 2 is as far removed from a cheap cash-in as you can possibly get: it's been upgraded in every conceivable manner. The original's social networking connectivity has been amplified considerably, and you can now "follow" other artists even if you're not engaged in a game with them.

IAPs explained
Stars and coins are Draw Something 2's in-game currency, and both can be acquired using in-app purchases. 165 stars will set you back £1.49 / $1.99, or you can get 5250 for £34.99 / $49.99.

Coins cost £1.49 / $1.99 for 650, or £34.99 / 49.99 for 42500. Seeing as these funds are only used to buy tools to make your pictures more attractive, they're by no means essential when it comes to getting the most out of the game.
Art attack

The main menu now resembles your Facebook Wall, which gives things an even stronger social flavour. You can also browse other people's past creations thanks to the addition of a gallery, as well as show off the works of art you're particularly proud of yourself.

The ability to "like" drawings - again, just like Facebook - makes you even more determined to create something truly special. There's a real buzz in seeing your work appreciated by a wider audience.

Making Draw Something 2 more of a community is one way of reigniting interest, but the developer has also bolstered the tools you have at your disposal. You've got more pens in your box than ever before - we especially like the "pixel" pen which allows you to draw images right out of an 8-bit NES game - and a raft of new options at your fingertips.

You can undo and redo moves, apply textures, and even use a highlighter to make your images even more striking.

As with the original, in-game currency is used to unlock fresh content. You can use the coins and stars you earn through successful play to purchase new colours and tools.

Although the game comes in both freemium and paid flavours, you'll still be tempted by in-app purchases even if you take the premium route. The paid version simply removes the adverts and grants you the sparkle pen from the get-go - the other tools remain tantalisingly out of reach, unless you're willing to spend some cash.

Drawn to life

With 5,000 additional words, Draw Something 2 has plenty to offer, even if you've played the first game to death, although it's worth noting that some of those words are hidden in packs which need to be purchased using in-game currency.

This isn't a problem if you plan to really throw yourself into the social element of the game, but it could be tricky if your Facebook friends list is barren and you don't fancy mixing it up with a completely random selection of strangers.

Another issue - which can't be solved by the developer, no matter how hard it tries - is having to wait for the other player to respond to your move. Although the game supports notifications, if for whatever reason your rival has these disabled there's a chance they might not take their turn for hours - or longer.

This problem is mitigated slightly by the fact that you're encouraged to have several games running in tandem, but it remains an occasional annoyance.

While Draw Something 2 doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, it's a shining example of how to successfully upgrade a popular concept. The stronger social focus provides the ideal incentive to really let your creative juices flow, and the creation of a full-fledged community should ensure that this sequel doesn't suffer the same loss of interest that impacted its predecessor.
Draw Something 2
Reviewer photo
Damien McFerran | 6 May 2013
With a larger dictionary, more tools, and vastly improved social skills, Draw Something 2 is a worthwhile enhancement of its forerunner which is worth looking into even if you grew bored of the original
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