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Dragon Project cheats and tips - Guide to levelling fast

Get the best gear and level fast with our Dragon Project tricks
Product: Dragon Project | Publisher: GoGame | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Dragon Project iPhone, thumbnail 1
If you haven’t jumped into a JRPG in a while, then maybe it’s time? Maybe you should take a look at Dragon Project, a new one-touch RPG that’s taking the digital stores by storm.

In Dragon Project you'll battle massive monsters all while collecting the best loot, and we’ve got some tips on how to level up fast.

Follow our tips below, and you'll be rocking your fancy new gear and making high level players jealous before you know it.

Quests; Story, Daily, Weekly, Events

There’s more than one way to level up, but by far the easiest way has to be by taking out multiple quests at once. Before heading back to town to hand in your quests, check your missions tab for any quests you’re yet to complete. Checking them will usually allow you to teleport to the area that quest takes place in.

Once you’re done with the Story quests, take out the Daily and put a dent into some Weekly quests - they’re really not hard and don’t take long. Once that’s out of the way, turn your attention to the Events; they have loads of quests that players of all levels can take a stab at, and you’re guaranteed to be swimming in EXP too.

Once you’ve finished your quests, don’t forget to take your rewards from the Gifts tab!

One-Touch Combat

You can control everything in Dragon Project with a single finger, but that means there might be a few moves you might’ve missed in the tutorial phase. Yes, most monsters out in the open can be done away with simply by tapping to attack, but not all enemies will be so easily thwarted.

Once you come up against regular Behemoths, you’ll know how useful quickling sliding in any direction for a roll will be. Also, you can hold the screen to guard, and letting go at the right time will unleash a Counter.

In general though, keep an eye on your Magi powers - your offensive Magi will often wipe out health bars, so it’s good for a pinch. Use it early on in Behemoth fights so it refills quickly.

Making Friends

Dragon Project is fun by yourself, but way easier once you’ve made some friends. Each time you go up against new Behemoths you can gather a group of four warriors to battle with you, and you can even share your Party number so people you know personally can get involved.

Of course, if you’re not interested in coercing real-life friends into playing with you, you can make plenty of pals in-game. When setting up a lobby, random players will often join you. The higher level Behemoths are tough, so it’s not a bad idea to wait until you’ve got a full party.

Free Behemoths

Of course, this also means you can jump into someone else’s Behemoth lobby. The purple crystal in town will show you people currently fighting or getting groups together to fight against Behemoths.

The main reason to get into these battles is to come away with precious loot and materials for making new pieces of armor. Don’t worry too much about jumping into fights with Behemoths tougher than you, your team will usually do most of the grunt work, and as long as you stay alive you can still come away with new materials for the forge.

Forging the Future

All of those new monster parts will go to the forge, where you can enhance your current equipment or get new equipment entirely. The recommendation here is to basically hold off on forging anything until you have higher level gear available, rank A or S.

The A and S rank armor will look better than the rest, and on top of that will offer the best status boosts. Save your materials for the better armor pieces, and then enhance them from there.

Same logic goes for weapons too; it’ll be tempting to go straight for a new weapon, but hold out until something particularly rare or powerful comes along and you won’t regret it.

Spend it on Magi

In Dragon Project you can earn or buy Summoning Crystals to summon either rare Behemoths or new Magi abilities. As tempting as it is to spend them on rare Behemoth summons instantly, we recommend going for new Magi.

You can summon Behemoths with Summon Tickets you can earn in game, but only Summoning Crystals work when summoning Magi. Magi are new abilities, or even enhancements to existing abilities - if you want to do big damage in battle, or keep yourself healed, then new Magi are going to be most important.

Summoning Behemoths is tempting, but remember, you can still fight Behemoths for free and earn valuable materials without spending Summoning Crystals.


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Dave Aubrey 3 October 2017
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