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Dragon Ball Legends cheats and tips - Everything you need to know about combat

B is for battle. And balls.
Product: Dragon Ball Legends | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Fighting
Dragon Ball Legends iPhone, thumbnail 1
I can't punch as fast, or as hard, as Goku. Probably not a shock, but as a kid I kind of figured that one day I would just be able to smash a rock with my fist. Finding out it's not exactly realistic was a blow to my heart, let me tell ya.

Luckily, Dragon Ball Legends is here and is giving my dreams new life once again, as I do battle with heroes and villains from across the universe.

If you're also looking to do battle, whether it's in PvP mode or against NPCs, then you should take a look at our combat tips below, and you're sure to be battling with the best of them before long.

Dragon Ball Legends

Basic attacks

Like most mobile games, a few taps and swipes will get you the results you want, and without any ki, you'll be equipped with a couple of basic moves to do damage.

From a distance, tapping the screen will flick out a single ki orb as an attack, and up close, tapping multiple times will do a basic melee combo.

You can dash up to get in their grill by swiping up on the screen, but dashing up can leave you vulnerable to other attacks. Which is exactly why we have a dodge…

Do a dodge

Swipe to the left or right and your character will do a short dodge - hold that swipe and they'll drift to the sides. But dodging is best when well timed.

If an enemy attack is incoming and you successfully dodge, you'll warp to their location, just to the side of their hitboxes, giving you a free hit, which you can of course turn into a combo.

This move has a cooldown, but becomes an essential tool in PvP, where you'll end up finding predicting enemy moves and countering the best way to win.

Dragon Ball Legends

Move cards

You'll get a selection of move cards which you can spend ki to activate. They're pretty straightforward, a melee combo, a ki blast combo, another to increase your damage output, and a special move card.

The ki combo card might actually be the most useful, as any enemies that are heading towards you with an attack will get caught in it, as long as they don't dodge and counter.

If you're running low on ki, simply hold your finger on the screen to charge it up.

Rising Rush

You'll get a Rising Rush combo if you manage to obtain seven Dragon Balls, and you can get them from using move cards.

You might notice some cards have a Dragon Ball on them, indicating you should use them over the others. The order of the Dragon Balls doesn't matter, but once you gather seven by using move cards, you can use the Rising Rush move.

This will do loads of damage as your surviving team all come together for a single powerful attack, and of course will do even more damage if your character's element is superior to your opponent.

Dragon Ball Legends

Power for combos

As you battle you'll charge up your own special ability, which will be different for each character, but will often result in a power boost. You can activate it by tapping your character's portrait once the gauge is full.

When it comes to move cards too, you should use those abilities which power you up before going on to use melee combos, ki combos and special moves.

Put it all together, and you're sure to be doing massive damage to your enemies, and you should be able to clear out NPCs which are much higher level than yourself, with practice and patience.

Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 24 May 2018
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