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Diamond Diaries Saga cheats and tips - How to play Diamond Diaries Saga

Everything you need to know
Product: Diamond Diaries Saga | Publisher: King | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Diamond Diaries Saga  iPhone, thumbnail 1
King has done it again, with another big Saga game for us to swipe and tap away at all night long.

This time we've got Diamond Diaries Saga, where diamonds are the aim of the game. In addition to matching coloured icons and getting big scores, of course.

It can be tough though, and if you want to smash through the game without hitting retry over and over, you'll have to get smart. That's where this guide comes in.

Here we'll give you the necessary tips you need to know in order to become a Diamond Diaries Saga pro. What are you waiting for? Read on for more…

Diamond Diaries Saga

#1 Linking up

The main goal of Diamond Diaries Saga is breaking down icons and getting big scores. There's a variety of pastel coloured icons with unique symbols on them (colourblind players thank you, King) which you can link together to complete levels.

There's a variety of special icons to earn and break down, and you'll be moving objects through levels by being selective about which icons you break in order to filter items where you want them to be.

In some instances there will be multiple paths, one of which being better or easier than the other, so it's worth being as tactical as you can with which icons you link.

Diamond Diaries Saga

#2 The wipe

When you bash multiple icons together you get a special icon out of the other side, with special icons on the top and sides.

These icons will explode when they're linked, shooting out bursts in the direction of the icons on the sides. It could be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or even all eight directions.

Linking enough icons together to create these special icons and get big scores will speed you towards the level's goal and earn you plenty of points.

Importantly, you can aim the shots. You can slide your finger back on icons you've already gone over, and if you include a special icon in that, it will shoot out from the point where you let go, allowing you can purposely target certain icons and obstacles.

Diamond Diaries Saga

#3 All about diamonds

To complete levels you need to earn diamonds, with the number required being shown in the top left.

Diamonds need to be hooked on to diamond necklaces, broken out of Russian dolls, and, err, floated in liquid. Wait, do diamonds float? I actually don't know. I'm assuming no.

Diamonds are your target, so if you're on the last diamond you need, make sure to focus on getting it to the goal, and not linking icons which are out of the way and unnecessary, regardless of how tempting the points are.

Diamond Diaries Saga

#4 Special icons

To mix things up level to level, you'll come across different kinds of icons to link, such as birds, Russian dolls, keys and bottles.

These are often important to the progression of the level, of course. Diamonds are often hiding inside Russian dolls, and using the bird icons will break apart obstacles and get you the points you need.

Bottles meanwhile will increase the water level in a stage, and keys need to be linked with, well, keyholes, in order to progress.

Diamond Diaries Saga

#5 Location, location, location

As you progress through the game you will move from the starting area of Paris to other locations around the world, such as London.

These shifts don't change the game up much, just the scenery, although you do get small bonuses depending on where you are in the world.

Take a look at which bonuses you get before moving to each location, and pick the one which seems most like your ideal situation.

Diamond Diaries Saga


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Dave Aubrey 5 July 2018
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